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I’m a wee bit early, but better early than late. There’s a great heart on the corner of Silverado Trail and Oakville Crossroad. Can you feel the love????



Last Friday I opened my mailbox to find an absolutely stunning Valentine card created by my Aunt Jill. She makes the most beautiful note cards by hand and each one is a work of art. Receiving a card from Jill has to be like finding the “golden ticket” in a Wonka bar. It instantly makes you feel like the most special person in the whole world. My eyes get bug-eyed and I’m left in awe. I mean, HOW on earth does she make them SO perfectly, amazing?? I’ve saved every card she’s sent because one of these days I’m going to figure out a way to display them.

This Valentine was also extra special because usually I find a handmade Valentine from mumsie in my mailbox. It was comforting to get this very thoughtful, snail mail hug.

My lucky valentine

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