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I’m a wee bit early, but better early than late. There’s a great heart on the corner of Silverado Trail and Oakville Crossroad. Can you feel the love????



My mom and I went on a little adventure up-valley and took a few pics of the vines last weekend. The colors are so stunning I can’t like, hardly stand it…like, totally, oh my god…

Hard to believe that it was just a day ago that I was wiggling my toes in the grass and sniffing the blooms in my parent’s garden. It’s summer which means get out of SF ( and log off of Facebook and Twitter) and hang out in the real world…for reals. It’s nice here!


I was in Yountville over the weekend for my high school volleyball coach’s retirement BBQ. The event was held at Yountville Park and although I am in Napa regularly and St. Helena semi-regularly I rarely stop between the two to visit Yountville. Being there this weekend made me yearn for an afternoon excursion in this tiny town. I would love to lunch at Bistro Jeanty and meander through the shops at Vintage 1870 (where I had my first job at the Toy Cellar…which has long since closed).

Oh, and for a lovely Saturday afternoon Yountville Park was pleasantly uncrowded. (Except for the 50-70 people at my BBQ). I definitely recommend this place for a picnic…a great place to cop a squat and enjoy local treats.


Bistro Jeanty

Bistro Jeanty

Yountville Park

Yountville Park

Not only is the grass greener in Napa, but it’s also freshly mowed. Thank you #3 for such a nice surprise! Now I can lounge a little bit more…

…and stop and smell the roses.

Sometimes it is so nice to get away from all my homeless “friends” and head just a bit north. I’ve enjoyed a very nice day in Napa and love to see that spring is springing in my parent’s yard! As my R&R continues we are now going to watch Three Coins in the Fountain. Relaxus maximus.


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