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After almost exactly a year of living in Napa full-time today is the day I move into my new house! It was an emotional and exhausting road getting to this point, but I am so happy and thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given. Two of my angels above took great care of me and are still taking great care of me.

I’ll post pics as I get settled in so you can see the progress. My sister, Pookie Bokamper, has graciously offered to assist in my move because she’s craaaaazy! Ha! Very thankful for her help. My POD is scheduled to deliver between 12:30-3:30, the hottest part of the day, but it’s only supposed to be 80 today so we got lucky.

Since the sale of my parents house and waiting for my POD I’ve been staying at my BF’s parents house while they’ve been traveling. They have a great view of hot air balloons as they go by their backyard on weekend mornings. Love them!

Balloons above the valley

Balloons above the valley


I’m very excited about my first “free” weekend since early January. Work has kept me busy and a lot of visitors has been so fun, but I’m ready to chilllll out for a real 2-day weekend! Not sure what I’m going to do…probably clean or organize something. Ha! Happy weekend to you all and check the view from today’s commute. LOVE it!