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Ok, I think I’ve nearly recovered from walking 39.2 miles this weekend. Congrats to our awesome team, Dance in the Rain, who raised $25.5k toward breast cancer care and research! And a huge THANK YOU to our cheering squad who spent 2 days in SF, maneuvering through the city to cheer us on! I would have curled up in a gutter somewhere around mile 18 if it hadn’t been for you!

The entire experience was emotional, inspiring and truly amazing…I’ve already signed up for next year!


After the 13-mile training walk on the 22nd it was clear that I had to 1) get new shoes and b) step it up a notch. So on Saturday I did at least 8 miles (I honestly think it was closer to 10).  It was an absolutely beautiful morning in SF and I couldn’t resist getting new kicks and taking them on a maiden voyage across the GG. A mini-cruise as opposed to a voyage probably would have been smarter because I came ashore with new blisters and a sunburn. Oops. Note to self: buy and apply sunscreen.

Sunday was a day of rest (The Lord said it was ok) and yesterday I took to the pavement in my old shoes and did another 8 miles. Guess what? My old shoes gave me new blisters. I suspect they heard about my new kicks and were retaliating. How rude!

I did a training walk with my team, Dance in the Rain, today. We did 13 miles and I gotta tell ya…that was a tough one. We started near Crissy Field and walked through North Beach & Russian Hill and then squirreled our way back along the water toward the Golden Gate.  Things definitely become more challenging when wind is involved. We walked against the wind until hitting the GG and were windblown the entire way across. Not unexpected, just challenging. After reaching Vista Point we went down a flight of steps that took us underneath the GG and down to the base of the bay. Here, we turned around and headed back up (up, up) and back across the bridge and back to our starting point. 13 miles. 5 hours.

Our team is AMAZING. 8 of our 10 team members made it today (coming as far as Santa Rosa & San Jose). (One teammate is on vacay and the other lives in L.A.). What’s super fun is that although we’re walking as a team we tend to pair off at different times as speeds vary throughout the walk. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other a little better.  We usually meet up at check-points to make sure all team members are accounted for and make sure everyone is doing a-ok. It really is a go-at-your-own-pace kind of thing, after all, it’s not a race.

I cannot tell you how proud I am of my entire team! Such a wonderful, positive, amazing group of women. Btw, to date we have raised $21, 471 and are ranked #7 in fundraising for SF. AWESOME. Mom would be so proud of us…and flabbergasted!

We are VERY excited that we’ll have a cheerleading squad on the “official” weekend. Today made us realize how much we are going to need encouragement from family & friends as we walk 39 miles in one weekend. Eeeeeeeeeeeek.

Okay, time for me and my glass of wine to stretch a bit more…

My dear friend Nanny B sent me a sweet care package the other day. (It sure is fun getting stuff in the mail)! As you may know, I am training for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk along with 9 other team members. It’s a 2-day, 39 mile journey to raise money for cancer screenings and research. My team has raised $15,616 so far and we are one of the top SF fundraisers (ranked #7)! The care package was walk related and here’s what it contained:

Cutie Patootie socks (I really needed new socks…I busted these open right away)
Water Bottle (Hydration is key)
Luna Bars (Snacks are key)
Foot Creme to “keep my puppies nice and hydrated”

Nanny and her sister also sent me a gift certificate to their spa Glow in Napa. Aren’t they the sweetest? I’m soooooooo excited for a little relaxation!

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