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I am very happy that I was not in  SF this past Saturday. I think when the FBI, Haz-Mat, SF Bomb Squad and SWAT team show up ONE block from your apartment it’s a sign that it’s time to relocate. Glad they caught him.






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Yesterday I learned that my Blue Angels will not be performing during this year’s Fleet Week. If you know me at all you know I’m practically a Mrs. Blue Angel. After I heard the news I wanted to curl up under my desk and cry. My poor, poor Blue Angels being used as pawns in the budget cuts battle. Frankly, they can cancel Fleet Week now. No offense to the Canadian Snowbirds, but that’s like being served tofurkey when you ordered the prime rib. Eh?

To add insult to injury, today I discover that my favorite Chinese restaurant, Tai Chi, is closed. It says it’s closed for remodeling, but there’s also a sign of new ownership out front. Does this mean I’ll never see my beloved Ping the delivery boy again? We had such a good thing going. I’d place my order and he’d deliver in under 20 minutes. Sure, it might’ve helped that they’re only 3 blocks away (don’t judge!), but I think Ping and I had something special. Wo xiang ni, Ping. Wo xiang ni.

Writer’s note: Ping’s name may have been changed because I don’t actually know his real name. Additionally, if that’s Ping’s red Porsche parked in front of Tai Chi I will be re-calculating my tipping strategy going forward).

My Blue Angels

My Blue Angels


Tai Chi go bye bye????

Today started off with a 3-mile walk to Crissy Field/House of Air for a company picnic. After bouncing on the trampoline and having a nice lunch on the grass a few us walked the 3 miles back to the office. That’s when I took this pic of the GG…it was so stunning I could have stood there all day staring at it. The entire walk back was so dang enjoyable & picturesque. I just love, love, LOVE San Francisco!

Then, of course, there’s the not-so-picturesque side of SF. I had to get in a few hours of work after the picnic so I finally left the office around 3. I could have kicked myself when I realized I’d be catching the bus home with all the riffraff from the high school around the corner. (O.J. Simpson went to high school here if that gives you any indication of the youths I’m dealing with). As I’m waiting for the bus there’s a bit of commotion. I realize one of the riffraff is egging on one of my crazy street peeps. I’ve seen this “lady” plenty of times and she’s just a toothless loon with a drug problem (and a hygiene problem, but let’s not get caught up in the details). As they’re wandering into the street the punk throws down his backpack and pulls one of those “come on, you wanna fight” moves a la Boyz in the Hood. Now, I call her “the Spitter” and if that doesn’t tell you to keep your distance I don’t know what to tell you. They danced around each other for a while and a few adults from the school were (very poorly) trying to monitor the situation until she pulled her signature move. It’s amazing how far things fly when you have no teeth. Everyone spread out like it was Moses parting the Red Sea!! Someone finally got a hold of the Spitter and kept her from boarding the bus (thank goodness) and I rode home with my face squished to the window along with 2000 punky teenagers. Good times.

Rarely a dull day, I do LOVE SF!

Author’s note: For those of you thinking I should have hoofed it home, remember I’d already walked 6 miles. Also, I had a few samples from work which included a jar of pasta sauce as well as my farmshares which included a melon!


The Spitter

I sure wish there was a People magazine for homeless people because I think my hood has the George Clooney and Brad Pitt’s of the homeless world. Case in point, the Dancing Lumberjack…very hip threads and he even added a “pop” of color with his blue shoes. A fashion DO! And don’t tell me those aren’t 6-pack abs…

Good morning, party people! A nice quake this morning @ 5:33am to get me moving. It was weird…must have been a rolling quake because I swear I felt it coming before it hit my apartment and started to rattle the windows and shake things. Reports have it at a 4.0. I would have guessed 4.3 or 4.4, but I’m not a seismologist so what do I know? No damage to report in my apartment…just a fun little ride. As always, a good reminder to locate my earthquake kit. I know it’s around here somewhere…

It’s interesting what crosses ones mind while sitting on the bus watching people step on and off. Here are a few of my “deep thoughts”:

  • I sure am glad that I have all my teeth
  • I hope I don’t smell like that
  • It’s nice that all of my skirts cover my bum
  • Why does the largest man have to sit right next to me when there are plenty of empty seats?
  • I am so glad this big man sat next me…less likely to get mugged
  • Dirty, smelly people sure do kill an appetite
  • I am way cuter than any of these people

On Saturday I enjoyed the “Fermented Favorites: A Scientific Wine and Cheese Walking Tour” led by Discovery Street Tours. The tour involved visits to both a cheese and wine purveyor and learning a bit of science behind how cheese and wine are made. Could anything be more perfect? Wine, cheese, & walking…my 3 most favorite things!

We met at Allyne Park on the corner of Green & Gough. This park is only about 8 blocks from my apartment and I had no idea it existed so I learned something new right off the bat! There were 6 of us on the tour led by 2 guides – a science guru/owner of the tour company and a sommelier.

We spent a little time at the park doing introductions and then learned a bit about what goes in to making cheese. After that we strolled up to Cheese Plus on Polk (my MOST favorite cheese store in all the land). We sampled 4 different cheeses (Mt. Tam from Pt. Reyes, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from Cabot, VT., Colston Bassett Stilton from Nottingham, England and one other one that I can’t remember the name of) and also got a great lesson on each of them by the store’s cheese expert. After that we wandered to a little park on Hyde Street and had a splash of prosecco while learning about our taste buds by tasting a variety of fruits (lemon, tangelo, pear, and apple). From there we went to Biondivino wine shop on Polk @ Green which is the cutest wine shop. We tasted two wonderful wines (Alberice, Robolla Gialla, Fruili 2010 and Giacamo Fenocchio, Langhe, Freisa, 2009) putting our taste buds to the test while also getting a brief history lesson on Italian Wines. DELIGHTFUL. I think stepping into this wonderful shop was my favorite part of the whole tour! At last, we returned to Allyne Park and ended with a make-shift picnic pairing cheese with the wines we had sampled.

It was a super fun afternoon with a wonderful group of interesting and funny people! Although I must confess…sometimes I sign up for these activities with an ulterior motive. Is it too much to ask to meet my prince charming? It wasn’t in the cards on Saturday…the group consisted of 1 lesbian couple, 1 gay couple, 1 single gay, 1 single lesbian (unconfirmed), and me (the straight one). So, for anyone keeping track, cooking classes and wine/cheese tours are not where the straight guys go. Go figure. Oh well, I had a great time anyway!

And I’ll look for a football/beer drinking tour next…

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After a very stressful work week, I popped into Merry Manicures (love them!) on Polk for a relaxing pedicure and foot massage. I had just dipped my little toe-sies in water when I heard a lot of yelling. Expecting it to pass (as it usually does) I didn’t think much of it. Well, it got louder and didn’t seem to be winding down so I finally looked up from my book and across the street is burly man (about 40ish and 5’8″) yelling terribly rude and inappropriate things to a smaller woman (about 40-ish and 5’6″). They’re only about 5 feet apart and he’s VERY aggressive. He’s on the edge of the sidewalk and she’s standing in front of a parked truck when he makes a move like he’s going to hit her. She runs around to the other end of the truck, looks up, and he’s standing there. AAAAAAAHHHH! He chased her down the street and I lost sight of them (and couldn’t move because my feet were in water), but a few minutes later they were back in sight and he tosses a drink in her face. (I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! Oh how I wish I could leap up and do something)! They move out of view again and I see about 5 people frantically running screaming “stop it, stop it!!” I assume he was either hitting her or getting close to it. Meanwhile, me and another girl are sitting in our massage chairs calling 911. Both of us were put on hold, but the other girl finally got through. Thank goodness! I wish I knew how all this ended, but unfortunately (maybe fortunately) I didn’t see them again.

Moral of the story: No matter how annoyed you might be at a stranger…whether they cut you off in traffic, a fender bender, etc…it is never worth engaging the person to the point of anger. You just never know what they are on or what they might do!

The good news: Although it was less relaxing than I’d hoped, I did get my toe-sies painted “That’s Berry Daring”…teehee.

I’m not sure what you see when you go to the grocery store, but I had the pleasure of nearly tripping over this strapping young stallion yesterday. I really hate seeing people on the street like this…I can’t tell if they’re passed out or dead.


The last time I came across a man face down on the sidewalk I called the non-emergency police number where I waited on hold for 10 minutes. When I finally got a person on the line and relayed the situation she asked me to “nudge” the person with my foot. I was appalled at the suggestion and promptly declined. I mean, really? I was not wearing an outbreak suit and steel-toed boots! So, to avoid having to nudge this guy, instead I snapped Mr. Strapping Stallion’s picture for my blog and went into the grocery store hoping someone else would be a good citizen and call the po-po.

Good news! By the time I’d finished my shopping Mr. SS had turned over. Hooray, he’s not dead!

Bum turned over

Too bad this mattress and that bum didn’t cross paths yesterday! He would have been the envy of street people everywhere!

Princess bed for bums

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