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I floored it out of the city last night like my hair was on fire. I like to get home before it’s dark so I can walk the yard and see what’s new. I was in the city all week so knew that there were some good surprises waiting for me!

I love the columbine…mom’s favorite flower and they remind me of her and the Ranch. AND THE ROSES! They’re just getting started and are in abundance! I don’t know what the deal is with the lilacs. They are not blooming like they should and wonder if the strange weather confused them. There are a few sprigs here and there which is better than nothing. I am so lucky to get to spend time here and enjoy it all.

I hope to start planting the veggies today…tomatoes, green beans, various peppers, and beets. Stay tuned because I know you’re going to want to see my gardening shoes!


roses1 roses2





I saw this at a store recently and thought it was a super cute idea!


The weather in the city was amazing yesterday and I woke up with an extra spring in my step so decided to walk to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. I had two goals – 1) get an egg sandwich on sourdough and 2) get some fresh flowers. Sometimes I actually forget I live in a real city until I find myself walking through Chinatown or past all the tall buildings in the financial district. It’s just so cool!

I made the 2.2 mile trek and by the time I got to the Ferry Building the place was packed. Now I remembered why I only do this a few times a year. Sidenote: I don’t know what has happened with manners, but no one pauses or moves out of the way anymore. If I didn’t step aside I would have been pummeled to the ground multiple times. I’m going to blame that behavior on the tourists (even though I know full well it’s the locals too). ANYHOW…I perused the marketplace shops to see what was new, dodged people flying in front of me to grab free samples, managed to not trip over any dogs, and eventually made my way outside in search of my breakfast sandwich. I found exactly what I wanted at Hayes Street Grill. After scarfing down my sandwich I scouted out the flower stands which were filled with gorgeous spring flowers. Ahhh…happiness! I bought some gorgeous tulips and daffodils from Thomas Farm and made the 2.2 mile return trek home. Mission accomplished.

PS. A bird also pooped on my phone which, I guess, is some sort of luck. Wish I’d bought a Powerball ticket yesterday!

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I’ve posted a few unappealing pics recently so here’s one that is beautimous! Some hydrangeas I snagged from Napa this morning…LOVE them!!!


I had a great weekend in Napa and enjoyed the last of the sunshine…at least for the foreseeable week. I went on 2 great 6 miles walks…one on Saturday by myself and one on Sunday with a friend. Come Monday I couldn’t believe how incredibly sore I was…back, legs, shoulders, neck…EVERYTHING. I thought I must have finally overdone it…too many days of Go Shiggy Go in a row (Sunday was 45 days!). Well, on my way to the gym yesterday it finally hit me. Pedro put me to work in the yard after Saturday’s walk. We did some pruning and then a good bit of weeding with the devil of all tools…the short handled hoe!!! If you’re not familiar with this gardening tool then you’re going to want to read this little snippet about why it was banned. Click here.

Crippling back/shoulder/neck pain aside, the daffodils and peach tree-bush in the backyard were a delight to see.


Happy Weekend, everyone! What a loooooong week. Work is for the birds. Really wish I’d picked up a few MEGA Millions tickets so I’d at least have a chance at winning $312,000,000!!!! Pretty sure I could figure out how to spend a bit of that…

I picked up some daffodils on my way home to brighten up my mood. It worked!

April showers bring May flowers. And, as it turns out, April showers bring April flowers too. I picked these from my parent’s garden two weeks ago. The lilacs are so fragrant and lasted a good 10 days. The roses are still going strong! A ton of mom’s roses were budding and I hope to pick a bucket-load (literally) this weekend. They remind me of mumsie and make me smile!

I received the most beautimous bouquet of Peruvian Lilies (uncommonly known as Alstroemeria) for my birthday. I’ve had them for over a week and they still look amazing!

Here’s a little trivia from Wikipedia: “Perhaps the most fascinating- and telltale- morphological trait of Alstroemeria and its relatives is the fact that the leaves are resupinate, that is, they twist from the base so that what appears to be the upper leaf surface is in fact the lower leaf surface. This very unusual botanical feature is easily observed in the leaves on cut flowers from the florist.”

Resupinate, shmoopinate…they’re just pretty!


I bought these bud vases Saturday morning at the Pottery Barn on Chestnut ($3 each). To my delight, my mom picked me some fresh roses on Sunday. (Hydrangeas are courtesy of ma too)! Aren’t they pretty? They make me smile.

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