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Happy Weekend!

Here’s a quick update on the house. We’ve been working on a few things outside so we can, at some point, work on things inside. Space is an issue. Inching close to 800 square feet of living space isn’t a lot of space; however, it’s about 600 more square feet than I had living in the city if you can believe it! (And if you ever saw my teeny tiny studio you can believe it)! It’s not the size so much as the amount of stuff I have accumulated. Lots of my own treasures from 8 years at Williams-Sonoma (“cough-cough” sample sales) and treasures of my Mom and Dad’s that I can’t part with yet. I am making great progress and did move out of both my storage units this year. YAY!

In my plan to declutter the garage so that it can eventually be a “hang out” room I ordered a Tuff Shed. The real reason I went this route, because they aren’t cheap, is that I knew “assembly required” of any kind wasn’t going to work for me. I ordered it and 2 weeks later, VOILA!! I’ll store holiday decor bins, garden tools, etc…in it which gives us a little more wiggle room in the garage.

Removing the metal hobbit shed was not fun. Neither was digging up years and years of old beer cans. We paid a guy $100 to haul the old shed, random junk and a tree we removed. Worth every penny. Here are a few pics of the progress and the new shed!

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Hi! It’s been a while, that’s for sure!

So, the reason that prompted me to post is that I’ve started working out again. Forced by an annual contract with my gym that I hadn’t been to in 8 months I’ve decided to take advantage of my stupidity and get back to it! (I missed the cancellation date in December committing me to another year). Hence, I’ve got until December to either love it or leave it. So, I’ve embraced the gym life and with incentive from my company I went 12 times last month. I’m taking a Pilates reformer class twice a week and just started a hydro aerobics class once a week.

The reason I’m writing is because of the hydro aerobics class. I’m easily 20 years younger than all other attendees, but boy is it fun AND exhausting! I love the positivity of the group and our instructors motto. “Do it. Why? Because you can.” Watching these “seniors” move and laugh and splash and have fun makes me thankful that I can too. Maybe I’m getting old, but it’s really cool to appreciate everyone’s shapes and sizes, with lumps and bumps, and wrinkles and moles and such. Each one amazing and beautiful.


So we spent the weekend moving in. Funny how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years while living in a 200 square foot studio. I read a funny piece recently about the “secret” to studio living. The secret is studio dwellers store overflow at their parents house. I had to laugh, so true!!!

It’s been easier to edit now as I’m moving in to my own place. There’s really only so much space and I want to make it my own. There is a book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up which I HAVEN’T read, but one phrase that I’ve grasped from the hearsay is “Does it spark joy?”. As I unpack I ask myself this question. If the answer is no, it gets put in the give-away box. Some things clearly spark joy, some I’ve kept because I feel guilty giving them away (i.e.. clothes i paid $$$ for, but haven’t fit me for years), and some I keep because I just feel like I should. Another tidbit from the book is to say “thank you” to the item and let it know it’s served it’s purpose and you appreciated it, but it’s time to let it go. It seems silly, but I find that it kind of works. I should probably buy the book because I know I’m missing a good gist of the process.

Ok, back to the task at hand. Here’s the main living space…phase 1, 2, and 3. I’m sure there will be a phase 4, 5, and 6 and I’ll let you know when I get there.

Phase 1 - empty

Phase 1 – empty

More stuff

Phase 2 – Stuff!

Settled in

Phase 3 – Comfy & cozy

After almost exactly a year of living in Napa full-time today is the day I move into my new house! It was an emotional and exhausting road getting to this point, but I am so happy and thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given. Two of my angels above took great care of me and are still taking great care of me.

I’ll post pics as I get settled in so you can see the progress. My sister, Pookie Bokamper, has graciously offered to assist in my move because she’s craaaaazy! Ha! Very thankful for her help. My POD is scheduled to deliver between 12:30-3:30, the hottest part of the day, but it’s only supposed to be 80 today so we got lucky.

Since the sale of my parents house and waiting for my POD I’ve been staying at my BF’s parents house while they’ve been traveling. They have a great view of hot air balloons as they go by their backyard on weekend mornings. Love them!

Balloons above the valley

Balloons above the valley

I spent the weekend in Monterey experiencing incredible 75+ temps and spectacular views with the BF and his family.

We took in the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm yesterday and saw a handful of celebrities. I should have saved my photo taking for Bill Murray (dang it!!) or Andy Garcia, but unfortunately I started snapping away when Kelly Slater (pro surfer), Alex Smith, and Wayne Gretzky came through. I got a tap on the shoulder from security telling me that if I’m caught taking one more photo they’ll take my phone. Security people are such stick in the muds! Anyhow, great fun and the weather couldn’t have been better!

Wrapped things up last night with a Valentine/birthday party that included a taco “truck” (sans the truck), great margaritas, and homemade hostess cupcakes!

Back to work tomorrow…sigh…

I’m a wee bit early, but better early than late. There’s a great heart on the corner of Silverado Trail and Oakville Crossroad. Can you feel the love????


I’m in Palm Desert enjoying a few days of R&R. We arrived yesterday and our first order of business was lounging in the pool for 4 hours with a cocktail. Based on how things went yesterday, I think I’ll survive the next few days. It’s supposed to be 102 degrees today and then up to 109 tomorrow and Saturday. I think that means hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with the beverage of my choice. 




I am very happy that I was not in  SF this past Saturday. I think when the FBI, Haz-Mat, SF Bomb Squad and SWAT team show up ONE block from your apartment it’s a sign that it’s time to relocate. Glad they caught him.





Where does the time go? I guess to work, to commuting, to sleep…all the while trying to keep the garden growing! It’s been a bit challenging being a part-time gardner. Not being here daily makes it a little hard to keep things alive, but we’re doing the best we can for the moment. 

We discovered compost gold in the back corner of the yard so I’ve been adding that to the veggie beds and it perked things up A LOT. What isn’t perking things up is a water leak in one of the old galvanized pipes running through the back lawn.  We had to turn the yard water off on Saturday and can only turn it back on to water and then turn it off again. This means no automatic drip system or sprinklers when no one is here. Luckily, it wasn’t a super hot week and when I got back tonight things were still alive…woohoooo! And we have our local handyman from Sacramento coming down next Saturday to fix the pipe. 

The radishes are ready, but I planted them too close together so about every 4th radish is normal size. Whoops! I’m going to plant more now that I know how to do it right. The tomatoes, beets, & green beans are plugging along. The newest additions of lettuce, chard, and CORN are hanging in there. 

I feel so lucky to have this space to learn and plant and hopefully grow some fun things. Happy Summer! 






We made a lot of progress in the garden on Sunday. Planted about 8 tomato plants which, I realize, could produce truckloads of tomatoes. Eeek. Also planted a variety of peppers, a couple of squash, beets, green beans, and radishes. The beets, green beans, and radishes are seedlings so I’ll post a pic of those when they sprout or look more interesting than a pile of dirt. I enjoyed planting so much I might do more in the next few weeks. Am thinking about adding a leafy green, carrots, and maybe zucchini???


Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…my gardening shoes! They’re Bogs. Oh you know…”the urban farmer clog”. Ha! I found them online after nearly breaking my ankle trudging around the yard in flip flops. I think they’re fabulous and certainly make gardening more enjoyable. They aren’t cheap, but I think having ankles in one piece and looking garden chic make them worth the investment.






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