I am a native of San Francisco (a rarity, for sure!). I was born at St. Mary’s hospital at 12:39 a.m. on August 15th 19-yada-yada. I grew up in Napa, but moved to SF in 1998. I absolutely love the city and I experience funny things sometimes so I decided to start a blog so I could share my stories with my ginormous family. I have 6 brothers and sisters (you’ll read about them occasionally – numbered #1 to #7) and 18 nieces and nephews. It’s a great way to keep everyone posted as our lives are spread across North America. I guess, most importantly, this fulfills my need to write.

I live on Polk street and really like this neighborhood…hence the name of my blog, Polkstreetandmore.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy my tales. Please leave comments or suggestions about places I should go.