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Happy Weekend!

Here’s a quick update on the house. We’ve been working on a few things outside so we can, at some point, work on things inside. Space is an issue. Inching close to 800 square feet of living space isn’t a lot of space; however, it’s about 600 more square feet than I had living in the city if you can believe it! (And if you ever saw my teeny tiny studio you can believe it)! It’s not the size so much as the amount of stuff I have accumulated. Lots of my own treasures from 8 years at Williams-Sonoma (“cough-cough” sample sales) and treasures of my Mom and Dad’s that I can’t part with yet. I am making great progress and did move out of both my storage units this year. YAY!

In my plan to declutter the garage so that it can eventually be a “hang out” room I ordered a Tuff Shed. The real reason I went this route, because they aren’t cheap, is that I knew “assembly required” of any kind wasn’t going to work for me. I ordered it and 2 weeks later, VOILA!! I’ll store holiday decor bins, garden tools, etc…in it which gives us a little more wiggle room in the garage.

Removing the metal hobbit shed was not fun. Neither was digging up years and years of old beer cans. We paid a guy $100 to haul the old shed, random junk and a tree we removed. Worth every penny. Here are a few pics of the progress and the new shed!

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