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I’m very excited about my first “free” weekend since early January. Work has kept me busy and a lot of visitors has been so fun, but I’m ready to chilllll out for a real 2-day weekend! Not sure what I’m going to do…probably clean or organize something. Ha! Happy weekend to you all and check the view from today’s commute. LOVE it!



I spent the weekend in Monterey experiencing incredible 75+ temps and spectacular views with the BF and his family.

We took in the AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm yesterday and saw a handful of celebrities. I should have saved my photo taking for Bill Murray (dang it!!) or Andy Garcia, but unfortunately I started snapping away when Kelly Slater (pro surfer), Alex Smith, and Wayne Gretzky came through. I got a tap on the shoulder from security telling me that if I’m caught taking one more photo they’ll take my phone. Security people are such stick in the muds! Anyhow, great fun and the weather couldn’t have been better!

Wrapped things up last night with a Valentine/birthday party that included a taco “truck” (sans the truck), great margaritas, and homemade hostess cupcakes!

Back to work tomorrow…sigh…

I’m a wee bit early, but better early than late. There’s a great heart on the corner of Silverado Trail and Oakville Crossroad. Can you feel the love????


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