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Where does the time go? I guess to work, to commuting, to sleep…all the while trying to keep the garden growing! It’s been a bit challenging being a part-time gardner. Not being here daily makes it a little hard to keep things alive, but we’re doing the best we can for the moment. 

We discovered compost gold in the back corner of the yard so I’ve been adding that to the veggie beds and it perked things up A LOT. What isn’t perking things up is a water leak in one of the old galvanized pipes running through the back lawn.  We had to turn the yard water off on Saturday and can only turn it back on to water and then turn it off again. This means no automatic drip system or sprinklers when no one is here. Luckily, it wasn’t a super hot week and when I got back tonight things were still alive…woohoooo! And we have our local handyman from Sacramento coming down next Saturday to fix the pipe. 

The radishes are ready, but I planted them too close together so about every 4th radish is normal size. Whoops! I’m going to plant more now that I know how to do it right. The tomatoes, beets, & green beans are plugging along. The newest additions of lettuce, chard, and CORN are hanging in there. 

I feel so lucky to have this space to learn and plant and hopefully grow some fun things. Happy Summer!