Chef Dominique Ansel created a croissant donut hybrid and it’s the Cronut. I don’t need another pastry in my life, but it’s too late now. I heard about them a few months ago, and this weekend I made my way to Fillmore Bakeshop to give one a try. They started making theirs last summer and after a few name changes have settled on D’s Nutz as the official interpretation of the Cronut. From what I can tell they create new flavors each week and this weekend they had Cinnamon Sugar and Lemon Meringue. I liked them both, but the Lemon Meringue was kind of AMAZING!!!

Everyone should try a version of the Cronut at least once. They are not terrible.

Cinnamon Sugar & Lemon Meringue

Cinnamon Sugar & Lemon Meringue


Inside Lemon Meringue