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I love Pottery Barn Teen more than a 40-year-old woman should. The other day I came across this blackout curtain on their website. I didn’t even know blackout curtains existed! PERFECTO to block the 900 watt light bulb outside my kitchen window. Since I live in a studio apartment the size of a shoe box the added darkness has been amazing. I also think it’s super cute. Woohoo!

Dottie Drape

Dottie Drape


I went to the Terracotta Warriors exhibit at the Asian Art Museum this weekend and was floored. It’s only here until the 27th so if you get the chance you MUST go. And go early because it gets crowded fast. It’s absolutely mind boggling how old these pieces are and the amazing condition they’re in.. AMAZING!! The history of it is mind-boggling and I think everyone should see it.

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Ever wondered what to do with your old cell phone cases? Wonder no more. I passed this beauty on Van Ness between North Point & Bay today. Talk about dedication.

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Oh my goodness. I’m in week 4 of the cold/cough that won’t end, but I’m finally getting my energy back. HOORAY!

I was in Napa over the weekend checking up on my summer home. The place looks great and I think Pedro might deserve a raise. We’ll see.

Do you want to know what never gets old? Spotting hot air balloons on a beautiful Sunday morning. They take my breath away every. single. time.

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