Yesterday I learned that my Blue Angels will not be performing during this year’s Fleet Week. If you know me at all you know I’m practically a Mrs. Blue Angel. After I heard the news I wanted to curl up under my desk and cry. My poor, poor Blue Angels being used as pawns in the budget cuts battle. Frankly, they can cancel Fleet Week now. No offense to the Canadian Snowbirds, but that’s like being served tofurkey when you ordered the prime rib. Eh?

To add insult to injury, today I discover that my favorite Chinese restaurant, Tai Chi, is closed. It says it’s closed for remodeling, but there’s also a sign of new ownership out front. Does this mean I’ll never see my beloved Ping the delivery boy again? We had such a good thing going. I’d place my order and he’d deliver in under 20 minutes. Sure, it might’ve helped that they’re only 3 blocks away (don’t judge!), but I think Ping and I had something special. Wo xiang ni, Ping. Wo xiang ni.

Writer’s note: Ping’s name may have been changed because I don’t actually know his real name. Additionally, if that’s Ping’s red Porsche parked in front of Tai Chi I will be re-calculating my tipping strategy going forward).

My Blue Angels

My Blue Angels


Tai Chi go bye bye????