The weather in the city was amazing yesterday and I woke up with an extra spring in my step so decided to walk to the farmer’s market at the Ferry Building. I had two goals – 1) get an egg sandwich on sourdough and 2) get some fresh flowers. Sometimes I actually forget I live in a real city until I find myself walking through Chinatown or past all the tall buildings in the financial district. It’s just so cool!

I made the 2.2 mile trek and by the time I got to the Ferry Building the place was packed. Now I remembered why I only do this a few times a year. Sidenote: I don’t know what has happened with manners, but no one pauses or moves out of the way anymore. If I didn’t step aside I would have been pummeled to the ground multiple times. I’m going to blame that behavior on the tourists (even though I know full well it’s the locals too). ANYHOW…I perused the marketplace shops to see what was new, dodged people flying in front of me to grab free samples, managed to not trip over any dogs, and eventually made my way outside in search of my breakfast sandwich. I found exactly what I wanted at Hayes Street Grill. After scarfing down my sandwich I scouted out the flower stands which were filled with gorgeous spring flowers. Ahhh…happiness! I bought some gorgeous tulips and daffodils from Thomas Farm and made the 2.2 mile return trek home. Mission accomplished.

PS. A bird also pooped on my phone which, I guess, is some sort of luck. Wish I’d bought a Powerball ticket yesterday!

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