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I’d been contemplating a major appliance purchase for a while and thanks to my place of employment (and an extra-special discount) I decided to go for it. I purchased a juicer!


I’m not going on a juice only detox program or anything. I wanted it as a way to add more fruits & veggies to my diet and because I toss a good number of fruits and veggies into the trash each week. These are fruits and veggies that somehow never get peeled, chopped, steamed, or sauteed. Instead they rot in my refrigerator until they beg to be composted. I’m probably the only person in SF that doesn’t compost (because I think it’s disgusting to have a compost bin in an apartment) so the poor things end up in what must be comparable to a human’s version of Hell. They end up in the trash. GASP! Since I don’t eat or compost them the only logical solution was to buy a juicer and juice the bejeezus out of them!

I’m having a great time finding recipes with different ingredients so that I get a variety of nutrients. I’ve done three recipes so far, the first one by far being the worst. It looked like swamp water and tasted like it. In hindsight, I didn’t add enough kale. I never would have thought that any recipe needs more kale, but now I know. The next two (Sun-kissed and Celery Cucumber Pear) were downright delicious. I already feel goodness flowing through my body and my skin glowing!

There are a ton of juicing recipes out there, but I found these on the rebootwithjoe website


Green Carrot Ginger (aka Swamp juice)


Sun-kissed Juice (refreshing)!


Celery, Cucumber, Pear Green Juice (YUM)!

Green Carrot Ginger Juice (carrots, cucumber, kale, pear, ginger)
Sun-kissed Juice (Beet, carrots, chard, oranges, ginger)
Celery Cucumber Pear Green Juice (celery, cucumber, kale, pear)

And, if you’re a super nerd, you can put the recipes into an Excel spreadsheet. It makes it easy to see what each recipe contains which helps with shopping and selecting a variety of juices during the week.



No, this is not a post about Lincecum.

I’ve been forgoing the bus and walking home via Van Ness the past couple of months. A row of homes are getting a makeover and its been fun to see the progress. While I’m still contemplating buying a Giants hat this home as made a larger commitment (which I love) adding some Giant pots to their front porch .

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