Some of my besties are turning 40 this year and we’re each celebrating in our own special way. So far, no big trips or crazy expensive gifts we’re just hanging out with the people we love & enjoy the most. I mean really, what could be better?! Last week a group of friends came to SF because it was my friend Nancy’s turn to ring in the big 4-0! I was pleased as punch when she decided to go to the House of Prime Rib in SF! This was extra great because no one in the group had ever been AND it is one block from my apartment. BINGO. We had a ball! I hosted pre-dinner bubbly at my place for all 6 of us which is my largest hosting gig so far. My studio is so teeny tiny, but it was delightful.  The House of Prime Rib was outstanding! I read a bunch of reviews before going and was definitely pleased with the “House Cut” (City Cut is for babies) and the baked potato with “the works”. I think the salad & side (creamed corn or spinach) is for the birds, but it’s part of the meal so no harm, no foul. The creme brulee for dessert might seem like too much, but it’s not…YUM. I think this place is a MUST if you visit SF. And the price tag is not too bad for all you get – $45 per person without drinks.

Note from author: Ladies, order the cosmo while you’re waiting for your table. It’s $10 and they give you the shaker…which, it turns out, is about 3 drinks. Best deal in town! Teehee.

The girls!

The crew!