There was so much going on last weekend that it’s taken me an entire week to recover. The Blue Angels were in town AND we had the America’s Cup races going on so there was a lot to see. (Not to mention the Niners & Giants both had home games as well as the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass festical in GG Park). I managed to catch the Blue Angels 3 days in a row. I saw their practice show on Friday and caught the real deal both Saturday and Sunday. As it is every year…spectacular! One of the coolest sights to see was the Super Hornet doing it’s high speed pass at about 700 MPH. You could actually see the condensation around the plane. Very cool. (I had to borrow a pic from the internet that shows this b/c my camera is not nearly fast enough to capture it).
I also saw the America’s Cup World Series race on Sunday. It was fun to watch them for a little bit, but to be honest I’m not that into it. Even with binoculars I couldn’t see anything too well and the announcers were terrible. I did enjoy snapping photos of all the boats on the bay. That was hands down my favorite part of the whole experience. Don’t ask me who won…I have no idea and don’t even have the energy to Google it for you.