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I was lucky enough to catch a little boat racing on Wednesday! The America’s Cup participants are competing in the “World Series”. I’m honestly not interested enough to even Google what this race is really about, but you can find the racing results at I just like to see all the boats on the bay.

I do know that the series features AC45’s, half-size versions of the boats we’ll see raced next year. There are 11 teams competing – 2 American teams. I can’t believe these boats are only half the size of the real boats because these boats seem pretty big if you ask me. The AC45, named for its length, is 70 feet tall, 22.6 feet wide and weighs 3,086 pounds. It takes five people to race one.

Racing continues today and tomorrow so catch them if you can!


It’s my very special day and look at this beautiful card my Aunt Jill made for me. I LOVE it!

And a birthday “shout out” to my Uncle Joe. Great people were born on August 15th!

Here’s the reason I did 30 minutes on the treadmill before heading to my Pilates class tonight. That’s right, cheesecake magically appeared at work today. My team and I decided to put one of each on a plate and take a bite. I don’t even love cheesecake, but I managed a teensie weensie bite of most of them. There was coffee cake, turtle, red velvet, turtle, cappuccino, turtle…the TURTLE was goooooooood.

The view from my kitchen window is so god awful that I just couldn’t stand it a second longer. (It basically looks out onto an 800 watt light bulb, security camera, and a dirty wall). I have a ton of fabric scraps and spotted one a few weeks ago that I thought would work for this particular window. Yesterday I pulled out my sewing machine and with the help of DesignSponge I made myself a curtain.Unfortunately, my piece of scrap fabric didn’t have one straight side & with my very limited workspace it was tough to cut. I did ok and am really pleased with the result…as long as I don’t look too close. Somehow I need to add a sewing room to my 20 sq ft apartment…

As long as I had everything out I whipped up a few wine bags too.

And I think my sisters will recognize my very special pin cushion…

I took a little stroll through Chinatown earlier this evening. It wasn’t too crowded which was nice. On a whim I decided to go to my favorite Chinese restaurant, House of Nanking, which is just off the main drag. My Mom found this restaurant and we decided to check it out with my Dad back in 2009. The food is so dang good! I think she’d get a kick knowing that I still go back every once in a while.

Here are a few pics from my walk. I just love San Francisco!


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