I wish I could tell you the tale of how this cab ended up upside down 1 block from my apartment, but I can’t find a story on it anywhere. All I know is I was happily enjoying a nap yesterday afternoon when I was rudely stirred by no less than 4 sirens. I finally got myself off the sofa and out the door in search of food and saw an abundance of flashing lights at the end of the block. Being the astute and dedicated researcher I am I went and got a sandwich first before wandering down the block to check out the action. By the time I got there a tow truck was ready to pull the cab to the upright position and most of the lookey-loos had moved on. Dang.

Well, hopefully no news is good news and no one was hurt and the driver just turned too quickly in order to miss a blind, old lady (holding a puppy) in the crosswalk…

Luxor cab – Van Ness @ Washington