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I wish I could tell you the tale of how this cab ended up upside down 1 block from my apartment, but I can’t find a story on it anywhere. All I know is I was happily enjoying a nap yesterday afternoon when I was rudely stirred by no less than 4 sirens. I finally got myself off the sofa and out the door in search of food and saw an abundance of flashing lights at the end of the block. Being the astute and dedicated researcher I am I went and got a sandwich first before wandering down the block to check out the action. By the time I got there a tow truck was ready to pull the cab to the upright position and most of the lookey-loos had moved on. Dang.

Well, hopefully no news is good news and no one was hurt and the driver just turned too quickly in order to miss a blind, old lady (holding a puppy) in the crosswalk…

Luxor cab – Van Ness @ Washington


Yesterday was the Bay to Breakers…not my favorite SF event only because of the noise and number of boisterous drunk people walking around starting as early as 9am. It doesn’t affect me too much except, for instance, walking to grab breakfast in the morning and walking by 5 drunk guys wearing tighty whities, wigs, and that’s all! Can I at least have a cup of coffee first?!

I thought the below photo represented a nice mix of what the B2B brings to the city…I hope you’ve had your coffee!

Flowers from Mumsie’s garden…oh how I miss her. It’s nice to have her flowers to keep me company tho…and hopefully no bugs. 😉

My Mac has been on the blink which has been so frustrating. It would only charge if the cord fell just right and all the stars were aligned. Finally I had time to get an appointment at the Genius Bar and I was certain they were going to tell me my Mac was headed to computer geek-land in the sky. It’s 6 years old – no spring chicken in the Mac world. In fact, the Genius told me it’s now considered “vintage”. I’m so chic!

Anyhow,  I got the best news. The charger was defective because some coil or something gave out so I got a replacement for free. Yippeeee! Mac is up & running again and I didn’t have to pay a dime. I knew he wasn’t ready for computer geek-land in the sky!

Last Saturday I met up with a couple of friends at the Oxbow Market in Napa. We sat outside and enjoyed a glass of bubbles while catching up. Lovely. An hour and a half later it was already 8:30 and the Oxbow closes at 9. NINE! We walked up First Street and stumbled upon Eiko’s a Japonais influenced restaurant. I forget exactly how they describe their menu so let’s just go with “Japonais influenced”…sounds fancy. We sampled many different dishes from the tapas menu and the food was out of this world. Shrimp tacos, chicken lettuce wrap, beef gyoza, and a super scorpion roll. Not ones to pass up dessert we had s’mores! Sorry the photo is so dark, but the restaurant is a little dark…and loud…but otherwise fantastic. I will definitely go back.

For the record, I’m still dreaming about the shrimp tacos.

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