No – I have not been in an accident and forgotten my entire life, but miraculously remember how to blog. I went out on a Wednesday night to hear the jazz band Gaucho at the bar Amnesia in the Mission. I KNOW! I honestly haven’t been to the Mission in probably 5 years. Gasp.

A friend of mine who recently split from her longtime BF needed a night out so who does she call? I can’t believe it either, but she called me. Luckily, the band Gaucho started playing at 7:30 so oldsters like me didn’t fall asleep. The band was great and it was fun to hang out and listen to their music.  The bar is a quirky little place with a mixed bag of people and a great philosophy: “You’re poor, you’re rich, gay, straight, old, young, we don’t care, but however you come, come with the right attitude. Like the sign on our wall says: “BE NICE OR LEAVE- THIS IS A GROWN FOLKS ESTABLISHMENT”’!

At around 9 we decided to grab a bite to eat so headed around the block to Hog & Rocks. We ordered the Herb Butter Fries, Mussels, BBQ Meatballs w/ Cheese Grits, and a Beets & Bread Salad to round out the meal. Oh wait, we also ordered a bottle of wine…maybe that rounded out the meal? Either way the food was fantastic and everyone was really friendly. I am going to try to make BBQ meatballs at home because they were amazing! (I hope I don’t need an actual BBQ)…