I had a great weekend in Napa and enjoyed the last of the sunshine…at least for the foreseeable week. I went on 2 great 6 miles walks…one on Saturday by myself and one on Sunday with a friend. Come Monday I couldn’t believe how incredibly sore I was…back, legs, shoulders, neck…EVERYTHING. I thought I must have finally overdone it…too many days of Go Shiggy Go in a row (Sunday was 45 days!). Well, on my way to the gym yesterday it finally hit me. Pedro put me to work in the yard after Saturday’s walk. We did some pruning and then a good bit of weeding with the devil of all tools…the short handled hoe!!! If you’re not familiar with this gardening tool then you’re going to want to read this little snippet about why it was banned. Click here.

Crippling back/shoulder/neck pain aside, the daffodils and peach tree-bush in the backyard were a delight to see.