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A few weeks ago my brother, nephew, and Dad were in town and lucky me got to tag along for dinner. We went to one the best seafood restaurants in the city, Sam’s Grill. It’s an “old school” restaurant where the waiters (no waitresses) dress in tuxedos and keep a stiff upper lip. There are 2 sides to the dining area – open air seating or booth seating. We selected booth seating which is very mobster-esque. The booths are floor to ceiling with a door-like entrance that can be covered with a curtain. We were perfectly situated to plan a bank robbery or figure out how to get ole Mugsie Malone out of jail, but we decided to just have dinner.

We started off with the fried calamari and I swear it appeared about 2 minutes after we ordered it. The four of us split 2 ceasar salads because they are ginormous servings. For dinner I had the Sauteed Shellfish (pic below) which was amazing. Dad had the Sweetbreads and I’m sorry I can’t remember what the sauce was…mushrooms maybe? I had a bite and it was good, but I was happy to stick with my shellfish. Dave had Veal Scallopine, I think. It was veal at any rate and he seemed pleased with it. Daniel who doesn’t care for seafood went with a steak of some kind which he enjoyed. We shared a side of asparagus (yum) and creamed spinach (not so yum according to my taste buds). Overall a great experience and I would happily go back again!



I had a great weekend in Napa and enjoyed the last of the sunshine…at least for the foreseeable week. I went on 2 great 6 miles walks…one on Saturday by myself and one on Sunday with a friend. Come Monday I couldn’t believe how incredibly sore I was…back, legs, shoulders, neck…EVERYTHING. I thought I must have finally overdone it…too many days of Go Shiggy Go in a row (Sunday was 45 days!). Well, on my way to the gym yesterday it finally hit me. Pedro put me to work in the yard after Saturday’s walk. We did some pruning and then a good bit of weeding with the devil of all tools…the short handled hoe!!! If you’re not familiar with this gardening tool then you’re going to want to read this little snippet about why it was banned. Click here.

Crippling back/shoulder/neck pain aside, the daffodils and peach tree-bush in the backyard were a delight to see.


Good morning, party people! A nice quake this morning @ 5:33am to get me moving. It was weird…must have been a rolling quake because I swear I felt it coming before it hit my apartment and started to rattle the windows and shake things. Reports have it at a 4.0. I would have guessed 4.3 or 4.4, but I’m not a seismologist so what do I know? No damage to report in my apartment…just a fun little ride. As always, a good reminder to locate my earthquake kit. I know it’s around here somewhere…

Oh my goodness, it has been ages since I’ve posted! I’m still doing the Go Shiggy Go 30-day challenge and am on day 36!!! I’ve lost 8lbs and hope to keep on keepin’ on! Pookie is also doing the challenge and is on day 24 and doing awesome!

A few weeks ago I flew to Phoenix for a 3-day weekend to visit #2 and his family. I had such an amazing time! Within 15 minutes of landing I managed to drop a fair bit of money at Last Chance (the place where Nordstrom’s returns & samples end up and are sold for a fraction of the regular retail price). I bought 2 pairs of perfect looking Uggs for $50 each…among other things. I LOVE a good deal!

I was only 15 days into the GSG challenge at the time and both my brother and sister-in-law were incredibly supportive and each did a hike with me over the weekend. The first was Friday afternoon with #2a…a 2-mile hike up a local “hill” which turned out to be a warm-up compared to what #2 had in store…Squaw Peak! It’s only 1.2 miles to the summit, but the elevation gain is 1200 feet. I thought I was going to keel over multiple times while my elder brother appeared to be on a stroll. Once we made it to the top it was all worth it. The view was amazing!

A very fun weekend with football games, hikes, hot tubbing, and the overall goodness of spending time with family. I also came home with the goal of building my endurance so next time Squaw Peak isn’t so painful!