I’ve had a hankering for meatballs lately and decided that I should just make a batch myself. Ideally these were going to be made on a cold, foggy SF day and enjoyed while huddled in my apartment craving comfort food, BUT this unseasonably warm weather put a wrench in that plan. Not that I’m complaining…these clear, blue sky days are pretty nice. Anyhow, I found a super (and I mean super) easy recipe on allrecipes.com. I also decided to splurge on ground beef from Marin Sun Farms. Since I don’t eat beef that often I figured I might as well support a local farm and know exactly what went into my meat. (Oh, if you go to their “about us” page the owner is pretty cute too…just sayin’). The recipe is rather bland so I added some Slim Spice Seasoning which I’ve never used before so we’ll see how that goes. (I got a free sample from work so thought I’d give it a try).

They just came out of the oven and I already ate one…pretty darn good if I do say so myself!