Last year (2010) my Dad gave me an awesome sewing machine for Christmas. Since then I’ve made a few wine bags and a lot of sachets. I decided now that the holidays are over and I have a little extra time on my hands it’d be a good time to work on my sewing skills. Plus, there are so many things I want to make!

Today I took to making an owl. I downloaded a free pattern from the blog Toad’s Treasures which also provides tutorials. What a find! Toad’s Treasures is full of fun craft ideas and the sewing patterns and tutorials being free is amazing. Especially for a newbie like me who needs a lot of practice.

Here’s my first attempt at a stuffed owl. I have to say that sewing the eyes on is the hardest part. Those darn circles. I sort of think it looks like an Angry Bird, but as long as it’s in the bird family I’m happy.

#1 Finished!

I decided I could surely do better. The second one was easier except that I put the feet on upside down. Oops.

#2 finished!