I don’t think I could ask for a better Thanksgiving morning. Here I am up in Napa sitting on the sofa drinking coffee while listening to the raindrops. Delightful!

I guess I better enjoy the peace & quiet because in a couple of hours the place will fill up with 22 people for Thanksgiving festivities! And sooner than that, or not, my nephew and his 3 college friends will be up searching for breakfast.

Dinner is a potluck of sorts as we’re all bringing something to the table (literally). I’m doing a repeat of last year since they were a hit…green beans with almonds and brussel sprouts with bacon. To be honest, I can’t totally remember if this is the same brussel sprout recipe as last year, but it has bacon in it so it can’t be bad. I converted a handful of people from brussel sprout haters to lovers last year and hope I can convert one or two more this year. The poor brussel sprout gets such a bad wrap and they are SO yummy. It is my mission in life to boost brussel sprouts self-esteem!

Anyhow, I hope to add pics from our festivities later. Until then, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Ok, here a few pics from Thanksgiving Day. I’d hoped to have more from the weekend, but the stomach flu hit like a punch and we all starting evacuating the premises on Friday. 😦

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