On the work front we are definitely in full-swing of Holiday which includes chaos and long, stressful days. I am excited to put the Thanksgiving pressure behind me which should end by this Friday as our time to react to store needs will have passed…barring no big “emergencies”. I’m not even thinking about Christmas until I get thru Thanksgiving or I’ll have a heart attack!

On a personal front, I am extremely excited for Thanksgiving in Napa. We did a headcount yesterday and it looks like we’ll have a little over 20 people. Should be a great celebration….not to mention a 5-day weekend for me. Wohooo!

I was in Napa over the weekend and could not get enough of the vineyards.  Jason, Christie, and I zipped up to Silverado Winery for a quick wine tasting. My word…the view is outstanding! The colors are so stunning I could stare at them for hours.

Sadly, my financial windfall hasn’t hit yet so I’m back in SF and getting ready to start my Monday. Boo. The streets of SF definitely give off a different vibe than those Napa views. Maybe that’s why I appreciate the peacefulness of Napa so much…

Happy Monday, everyone!