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I’m not going to lie, this has been a tough week on the work front. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. So, it totally makes sense that I took an hour out of my day yesterday for a Knife Skills Class my company was offering. I knew I didn’t have a minute to spare, but I really needed to get away from my computer and getting my hands on a knife sure sounded appealing so off I went.

I am SO glad I did!

First off, it was upstairs in our cafe which faces out to the bay and Alcatraz. It was so nice to see something other than my computer screen! The Knife Skills class was hosted and taught by representatives of the J.A. Henckels company and was really fun. I learned how to hold a knife (which I’ve been doing completely wrong), protect my fingers (which I’ve been doing completely wrong), and sharpen a knife (which I’ve never done). It was really a nice break and lifted my spirits immensely…best part, I didn’t want to stab anyone any more! Yay!

The view...before everyone else arrived

The Knives


If you know me at all you know that I’ve loved the Blue Angels since my first sighting in 1998. The speed, the sound, and the amazing maneuvers are jaw-dropping incredible…especially against the backdrop of the bay. If I were a gazillion-aire I’d definitely be a Blue Angels groupie. Stalker. Whatever…

Anyhow, I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the rain from earlier in the week moved out and a beautiful blue sky moved in making today the perfect practice day. And thanks to “early-release” Friday’s I was able to catch today’s practice. (Although, don’t tell, I did sneak out of work for a bit yesterday to catch a glimpse of them too). Since my office is a stones throw from Aquatic Park I just couldn’t help myself!

Click here for a sched of Fleet Week events.

Last week I was perusing my previous employers website and stumbled upon the most gorgeous iPad cover (among other things). I’ve been looking for a cover for a good six months so when I saw this one on Mulholland Brothers’ website I nearly flipped out.

Mighty Tighty iPad cover

I love the simplicity of it and the stripes are too cute! And if I’m going to be totally honest I think it’s pretty cool that it’s handmade out of American Bison. Teehee…I’ve never owned anything made from Bison before! It delivered today and is even more beautiful in person. It’s also super soft which I wasn’t expecting and smells deliciously of leather which I was expecting. And don’t get me started on the color…for some reason I just LOVE these aqua blues…

Water Bottle

Apartment wall...

…but definitely a spider!

While walking in San Jose last weekend with Pookie, Mini-Pookie, and relatively new Mini-Mini Pookie we stumbled upon this enormous beast! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! I thought these only existed in the bowels of Africa (or Hawaii on Peter Brady’s chest). Btw, you can catch the Brady Bunch episode here…the spider enters the scene at minute 11:32.

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