On Saturday I enjoyed the “Fermented Favorites: A Scientific Wine and Cheese Walking Tour” led by Discovery Street Tours. The tour involved visits to both a cheese and wine purveyor and learning a bit of science behind how cheese and wine are made. Could anything be more perfect? Wine, cheese, & walking…my 3 most favorite things!

We met at Allyne Park on the corner of Green & Gough. This park is only about 8 blocks from my apartment and I had no idea it existed so I learned something new right off the bat! There were 6 of us on the tour led by 2 guides – a science guru/owner of the tour company and a sommelier.

We spent a little time at the park doing introductions and then learned a bit about what goes in to making cheese. After that we strolled up to Cheese Plus on Polk (my MOST favorite cheese store in all the land). We sampled 4 different cheeses (Mt. Tam from Pt. Reyes, Cabot Clothbound Cheddar from Cabot, VT., Colston Bassett Stilton from Nottingham, England and one other one that I can’t remember the name of) and also got a great lesson on each of them by the store’s cheese expert. After that we wandered to a little park on Hyde Street and had a splash of prosecco while learning about our taste buds by tasting a variety of fruits (lemon, tangelo, pear, and apple). From there we went to Biondivino wine shop on Polk @ Green which is the cutest wine shop. We tasted two wonderful wines (Alberice, Robolla Gialla, Fruili 2010 and Giacamo Fenocchio, Langhe, Freisa, 2009) putting our taste buds to the test while also getting a brief history lesson on Italian Wines. DELIGHTFUL. I think stepping into this wonderful shop was my favorite part of the whole tour! At last, we returned to Allyne Park and ended with a make-shift picnic pairing cheese with the wines we had sampled.

It was a super fun afternoon with a wonderful group of interesting and funny people! Although I must confess…sometimes I sign up for these activities with an ulterior motive. Is it too much to ask to meet my prince charming? It wasn’t in the cards on Saturday…the group consisted of 1 lesbian couple, 1 gay couple, 1 single gay, 1 single lesbian (unconfirmed), and me (the straight one). So, for anyone keeping track, cooking classes and wine/cheese tours are not where the straight guys go. Go figure. Oh well, I had a great time anyway!

And I’ll look for a football/beer drinking tour next…

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