Oh. My. Gosh.

I just stumbled across this movie trailer in iTunes. I hope it’s as good as the trailer suggests. It seems to fall along the lines of “Remember the Titans” & “Rudy”, but…well…you’ll get the gist after watching the trailer. Have a tissue handy!

I’m downloading the movie now so will let you know my “official” rating after watching it.

MY REVIEW: Skip it. Andie MacDowell and Aidan Quinn’s acting is too much. They over-act the emotional heartache   when the circumstance is heartache enough. The Christian music soundtrack is awful. Ryan Merriman is the only positive & believable character in this movie. That being said, I was in tears through most of the movie because the topic is unimaginable. And I’m not even a parent.

On the other hand: The movie is based on a true story and the message is important. A charity has been established in Luke Abbates‘ name and the message is definitely worth educating kids about and supporting.

  • Raise awareness among teenagers and parents about the life-and-death consequences of teenage driving.
  • Raise awareness among teenagers and parents about the life-saving gift of organ donation.