My work rocks!

Today we had our first “picnic in the park”. It started off with a “wellness walk” from work to The House of Air in Crissy Field. (Some people opted to take the shuttles, but a group of us decided to start the day with the 2.7 mile walk). I love walking so to me this was a perfect start to my day!

The House of Air is a trampoline park located in an old airplane hangar and in one word is…awesome! A lot of people signed up for trampoline dodgeball, but I have a fear of getting smacked in the face by a ball hurled at top speed so I skipped the dodgeball. It’s fun to watch, though! I did jump around “the matrix” and boy was it exhausting! We were assigned 1/2 hour time slots and after 15 minutes I was sweating and worn out. I would like to say that I bounced on my butt and managed to get back to my feet once. I tried it a few times, but it’s harder than it sounds. One of the trainers came over to give me some tips and he said it was hard so I figured by doing it once I was already an over-achiever. Oh, for those that weren’t fans of the trampolines there were a ton of games too…3-legged sack race, simon says, bubble gum blowing contest, etc…

After jumping on the trampoline we headed outside to a picnic lunch catered by Kitchenette. Yummy sandwiches (my favorite was the fried chicken sandwich), salads, gingersnaps, and mexican chocolate-chili brownies were enjoyed on blankets that were strewn around the grassy field.

Anyhow, it was super fun and great to try something new. And I was home by 1 o’clock…teehee. House of Air has exercise classes too so I think I’ll check those out. After all, exercise without knowing I’m exercising is one of my favorite things!