After a very stressful work week, I popped into Merry Manicures (love them!) on Polk for a relaxing pedicure and foot massage. I had just dipped my little toe-sies in water when I heard a lot of yelling. Expecting it to pass (as it usually does) I didn’t think much of it. Well, it got louder and didn’t seem to be winding down so I finally looked up from my book and across the street is burly man (about 40ish and 5’8″) yelling terribly rude and inappropriate things to a smaller woman (about 40-ish and 5’6″). They’re only about 5 feet apart and he’s VERY aggressive. He’s on the edge of the sidewalk and she’s standing in front of a parked truck when he makes a move like he’s going to hit her. She runs around to the other end of the truck, looks up, and he’s standing there. AAAAAAAHHHH! He chased her down the street and I lost sight of them (and couldn’t move because my feet were in water), but a few minutes later they were back in sight and he tosses a drink in her face. (I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! Oh how I wish I could leap up and do something)! They move out of view again and I see about 5 people frantically running screaming “stop it, stop it!!” I assume he was either hitting her or getting close to it. Meanwhile, me and another girl are sitting in our massage chairs calling 911. Both of us were put on hold, but the other girl finally got through. Thank goodness! I wish I knew how all this ended, but unfortunately (maybe fortunately) I didn’t see them again.

Moral of the story: No matter how annoyed you might be at a stranger…whether they cut you off in traffic, a fender bender, etc…it is never worth engaging the person to the point of anger. You just never know what they are on or what they might do!

The good news: Although it was less relaxing than I’d hoped, I did get my toe-sies painted “That’s Berry Daring”…teehee.