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I was reading Williams-Sonoma’s blog, The Blender, and came upon a post on how to make homemade pasta dough and was inspired to give it a try. Plus, I already owned all of the ingredients (flour, eggs, and olive oil) so I didn’t even have to change out of my pajamas to do it! It was really easy…except I didn’t make my “well” for the egg quite big enough or roll out the dough thin enough so I ended up with super thick noodles. At least I know for next time, right? It was pretty delicious anyway and I felt a little smug knowing that I’d made it from scratch!

WS also has a TON of new pasta tools and I think I might “need” them…particularly the ravioli tools. Don’t they look fun?

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My work rocks!

Today we had our first “picnic in the park”. It started off with a “wellness walk” from work to The House of Air in Crissy Field. (Some people opted to take the shuttles, but a group of us decided to start the day with the 2.7 mile walk). I love walking so to me this was a perfect start to my day!

The House of Air is a trampoline park located in an old airplane hangar and in one word is…awesome! A lot of people signed up for trampoline dodgeball, but I have a fear of getting smacked in the face by a ball hurled at top speed so I skipped the dodgeball. It’s fun to watch, though! I did jump around “the matrix” and boy was it exhausting! We were assigned 1/2 hour time slots and after 15 minutes I was sweating and worn out. I would like to say that I bounced on my butt and managed to get back to my feet once. I tried it a few times, but it’s harder than it sounds. One of the trainers came over to give me some tips and he said it was hard so I figured by doing it once I was already an over-achiever. Oh, for those that weren’t fans of the trampolines there were a ton of games too…3-legged sack race, simon says, bubble gum blowing contest, etc…

After jumping on the trampoline we headed outside to a picnic lunch catered by Kitchenette. Yummy sandwiches (my favorite was the fried chicken sandwich), salads, gingersnaps, and mexican chocolate-chili brownies were enjoyed on blankets that were strewn around the grassy field.

Anyhow, it was super fun and great to try something new. And I was home by 1 o’clock…teehee. House of Air has exercise classes too so I think I’ll check those out. After all, exercise without knowing I’m exercising is one of my favorite things!

Tuesday happened to be a beautiful and WARM day in SF so a friend and I decided to take an afternoon break and walk out to the pier. (I think it’s called the Municipal Pier…out in front of Aquatic Park). It was our lucky day because there was a sailing regatta happening. Later I learned later it was the 18ft Skiff International Regatta which is supposed to be a week-long event. It was pretty cool to see the boats fly across the water and watch the crew manipulate the sails by leaping up and around the tiny little boat frame. I have zero sailing knowledge, but I’m sure that’s what the professionals call it…”tiny little boat frame”.


“Come to the edge, he said. They said:
We are afraid. Come to the edge, he
said. They came. He pushed them,
And they flew…”
– Guillaume Apollinaire


After a very stressful work week, I popped into Merry Manicures (love them!) on Polk for a relaxing pedicure and foot massage. I had just dipped my little toe-sies in water when I heard a lot of yelling. Expecting it to pass (as it usually does) I didn’t think much of it. Well, it got louder and didn’t seem to be winding down so I finally looked up from my book and across the street is burly man (about 40ish and 5’8″) yelling terribly rude and inappropriate things to a smaller woman (about 40-ish and 5’6″). They’re only about 5 feet apart and he’s VERY aggressive. He’s on the edge of the sidewalk and she’s standing in front of a parked truck when he makes a move like he’s going to hit her. She runs around to the other end of the truck, looks up, and he’s standing there. AAAAAAAHHHH! He chased her down the street and I lost sight of them (and couldn’t move because my feet were in water), but a few minutes later they were back in sight and he tosses a drink in her face. (I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! Oh how I wish I could leap up and do something)! They move out of view again and I see about 5 people frantically running screaming “stop it, stop it!!” I assume he was either hitting her or getting close to it. Meanwhile, me and another girl are sitting in our massage chairs calling 911. Both of us were put on hold, but the other girl finally got through. Thank goodness! I wish I knew how all this ended, but unfortunately (maybe fortunately) I didn’t see them again.

Moral of the story: No matter how annoyed you might be at a stranger…whether they cut you off in traffic, a fender bender, etc…it is never worth engaging the person to the point of anger. You just never know what they are on or what they might do!

The good news: Although it was less relaxing than I’d hoped, I did get my toe-sies painted “That’s Berry Daring”…teehee.

I just love a good walk in the morning and it’s especially fantastic when I’m surrounded by fog and can hear the foghorn in the distance. What a great way to start my day!

Looks like it’s going to burn off though and a sweltering temp of 61 degrees is expected. I send my sympathies to my Arizona and Texas relatives who are steaming in 100+ temps…

Happy Birthday to me and my Uncle Joe!

I bought myself beautiful flowers yesterday so I’d wake up to them this morning. Along with the flowers I woke up to many birthday wishes from family & friends. I was also treated to cookies & cake from my co-workers! And…phone calls, e-cards, & real cards in my mailbox (including a homemade card!)! I am so loved.

Such a great, happy day! I am blessed.

Be sure to acknowledge that “very special day” of those you love. It means a lot and should not be missed. I’m not so great at this, but after today I will do my best to get a personal greeting out to my family & friends on their birthday!

I’m not sure what you see when you go to the grocery store, but I had the pleasure of nearly tripping over this strapping young stallion yesterday. I really hate seeing people on the street like this…I can’t tell if they’re passed out or dead.


The last time I came across a man face down on the sidewalk I called the non-emergency police number where I waited on hold for 10 minutes. When I finally got a person on the line and relayed the situation she asked me to “nudge” the person with my foot. I was appalled at the suggestion and promptly declined. I mean, really? I was not wearing an outbreak suit and steel-toed boots! So, to avoid having to nudge this guy, instead I snapped Mr. Strapping Stallion’s picture for my blog and went into the grocery store hoping someone else would be a good citizen and call the po-po.

Good news! By the time I’d finished my shopping Mr. SS had turned over. Hooray, he’s not dead!

Bum turned over

Too bad this mattress and that bum didn’t cross paths yesterday! He would have been the envy of street people everywhere!

Princess bed for bums

Oh my gosh. This morning there were car-alarms waking me up. Garbage men banging trash bins against my wall at 4am. I get to work and there are drills hitting plaster every 10 minutes. (Construction @ work…blaaahhhhhh). The day is finally over and I start my walk home. Three motorcyclists drive by blaring their music AND revving their engines. Aaaah!!!!!! After they finally pass me by I could still hear them from 4 blocks away. Motorcycle engines are my least favorite sound EVER. My blood pressure is boiling…

I sure miss the sound of barbed wire hanging on a fence…

I can’t believe I have to go back to work today. I spent the most fabulous week at Focus Ranch in Colorado riding horses, walking, enjoying family, fresh air and jaw-dropping scenery. I have more pics to share, but will do it under another post. Hi-ho-hi-ho off to work I go…

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