I had THE most fabulous & relaxing weekend at my “weekend” house in Napa. Pedro, the gardener/repairman/cleaner/chef does a fine job of keeping the place in tip-top condition. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not a leach…I do my part. A mere 30 minutes after arriving I put myself to work. Do you think the pool circulates itself??  Not only do I personally circulate the pool (sometimes 4-5 times/weekend), I’m also President and CEO of the Pool Circulating Club…Thankyouverymuch.

Along with pool circulating I did expand my chore list by picking some apples. Sure, Pedro picked about 1 1/2 buckets to my 1/2 bucket, but he’s a pro. I had a little trouble getting used to the old-fashioned apple picker…I got conked in the head a few times by falling apples. Clearly my feet belong in the pool and not under the apple tree.

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