I took a leisurely drive up to Napa last Sunday for one reason and one reason only. Oh wait. Two reasons and two reasons only. Reason 1: To pick me some flowers! The weekend prior I saw a dozen or more rosebuds and I couldn’t live with myself if Mom’s roses bloomed and went unappreciated. The hydrangeas are also blooming and I needed to have them too! Reason 2: The oranges. I’ve been spoiled rotten with a steady supply of grapefruit for fresh squeezed juice in the morning and now I’m onto oranges. Lucky for me, Dad’s orange tree has oranges galore! There is nothing better than fresh squeezed o.j. in the morning. Soooooo  goooooooood!

Well, mission accomplished. I walked away with over a dozen roses, a bunch of hydrangeas, and 20 oranges! Check out my haul below…heehee…I’m so lucky!