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Love it.


I love watching ships come and go in the bay. Here’s a cruise ship making its way into the fog as it heads out to sea…will it ever be seen again? Dun dun dun

I knew it was too quiet…

Thanks to the search & seizure of a double-parked car (apparently the drunk driver fled on foot) things were “spiced” up a little bit this evening. Obviously, not spiced up enough for me to leave my apartment and take a picture without peering through the window bars…

In honor of receiving my tax refund I decided to treat myself to a food processor! Woohooo!! Today I made hummus and then asparagus soup. For the asparagus soup I modified Emeril’s recipe…most notably skipping the heavy cream. I don’t see the point of turning something so healthful into an artery clogger. I pureed it in the food processor. Note to self: when pureeing soup do a little at a time otherwise it will spray out from underneath the lid and go everywhere…

Such fun!

I’m working on developing some new hobbies & trying to meet new people. I definitely have an interest in cooking…except I don’t have much experience.  Last night I attended my first cooking class at First Class Cooking. It was so fun! Along with learning new recipes, I also got some great cooking tips.

Here’s the menu:
Roasted Corn Soup
Old Bay Seasoned Oven Fries
Dungeness Crab Cakes
Strawberry Shortcake

The cooking classes are hosted by Emily Dellas and held in her gorgeous SoMA loft. The kitchen is beautiful, spacious (I’m so jealous), and easily accommodates multiple students around the center island. There were a total of 5 people in my class, but she’ll take up to 12 at a time. The atmosphere is casual & fun…very much like you’re cooking in your own home. (Assuming your home isn’t the size of a matchbook). Emily is super knowledgeable, friendly, and a great instructor.

I’m definitely going to take another class and while perusing the class calendar I came across THIS…”7 course date“…a cooking class for singles! Eeeeek…I’m going to do it! I’m going to sign up for the June 1st class as soon as they allow sign-ups…I’m really on the cusp age-wise so I better sign-up sooner rather than later…like in August when I’ll be TOO old!

UPDATE: It’s official…I’ve signed up for the singles cooking class on June 1st! I hope Prince Harry signs up too…

Could it be? Does the elusive Sasquatch really ride Muni?

Finally…here are a few final pictures.

The walking tour was through the Chicago Architecture Foundation (thanks for the tip, Snook!) which was great. If I’d had more time I would have done a few more of the walking tours. They’re fast-paced and interesting! The River Tours through the CAF weren’t running yet so I did a tour through a different company. Although it was a beautiful perspective I’d have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been freezing my buns off. Definitely a summer activity.

Sears Tower was so cool! Honestly, the ride up the elevator with 40 other people packed like sardines was scarier than standing on the ledge. Not to mention, the higher the elevator goes the more shaky it gets. Eeeeek. I was super lucky that I had one day of clear skies so I could take in the magnificent views and actually get to see Lake Michigan!

Lastly, I went to see The South Side of Heaven at The Second City. The Second City is where some of the funniest people honed their comedy skills…including Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Carell, and Tina Fey. I purchased tickets in advance and reserve seating which, as a singleton, was the only way to go. I cannot imagine being stuck at one of those tiny table in front with people I don’t know. (I had “balcony” seating which is a single row of chairs with a skinny bar in front). Perfecto! I can’t even describe how  funny the show is. They did 2 acts that were scripted and a 3rd act of improv. I laughed so hard for so long that my stomach got a workout!! If I were a millionaire, I would hop a plane once a week to see a show. HILARIOUS!!

And, as promised…Dave told me to check out Shaw’s Crab House because he said it was “affordable” and delicious. After walking around for about 1 1/2 hours I finally found it! It was really yummy! How can you go wrong with fried shrimp, calamari, crab cakes, and two beers? You can’t. There was a bit of sticker-shock since I didn’t get the “happy hour” discount, but it was worth it.

OH – The Art Institute of Chicago! Don’t miss it. I defnitely could have used more time here…the rainy day made it quite the place to be so it was pretty crowded, but so worth it! And you can take pictures there as long as there is no flash so I didn’t damage any works of art by snapping a few pics.

I can’t wait to go back! Who’s with me???

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