I’m on vacation so I just happened to be laying on my bed when the building started to creak just before 3pm today. I barely felt the 3.4 quake, but the sounds coming from my apartment building reassured me that it happened. Ok, maybe “reassured” isn’t the right word. I do love earthquakes though (the minor, non-damaging ones) and I’m pretty good at guessing the magnitude. I always go to the USGS site (which is bookmarked on my computer) so I can see how I close my guess is. I’m a dork.

Guess what I just learned? I didn’t even know this when I started writing this post. Today is the anniversary of the “the big one” which struck San Francisco at 5:12 am on April 18, 1906. Spooky!

I have an earthquake kit ready to go, but looking around my apartment I’d better move some of my heavier objects to a lower destination. I do not want to “check out” by way of a 20-pound Pottery Barn candlestick conking me on the head.