I heard news of the Japan earthquake late last night. Such devastation and, of course, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected.

It’s very weird to have a tsunami warning in San Francisco. Living on the coast I know this is a possibility, but in my 11 years of living here I don’t recall an actual serious warning. There probably was one after Indonesia’s quake in 2004, right? I must have missed that one. Frankly, I’m more concerned about earthquakes and that concern wouldn’t rank on any meter because, well, what can ya do? Except be a bit prepared!

Selfishly, I was really hoping work would be canceled so I could stay home and watch the news. I find natural disasters fascinating (much more so when I’m not directly effected). Unfortunately, my work (located near Aquatic Park where I can practically dip my toe in the bay from my desk) didn’t fear me being swept away. Harumph.

Anyhow, at this point SF seems to be clear of tsunamis…stay tuned for a post on earthquake preparedness!

Here’s a glimpse at this mornings tsunami forecast…