I woke up to the sound of a car alarm at about 1am this morning. I peeked out my window and was relieved that it was the car parked behind mine and not my car that was waking the neighborhood. I put my head down, the alarm shut off, and back into slumberland I went. Woke up cheery as could be, enjoyed my coffee, was running EARLY which never happens, and headed out with a spring in my step. Hopped in my car…and immediately sensed something was wrong. I turned to see the back passenger “wing” window had been broken and the door was not closed all the way. GRRRRR. Nothing was missing (since I don’t keep anything in my car) which actually makes the whole thing extra annoying because it means someone did it just to be a jerk…or they were scared mid-crime…

My busted window. So sad.

So, I call AAA who referred me to Safelite Glass and was quoted $250!

I nearly keeled over because my deductible is $500 so I’d be paying for the new window out-of-pocket. Thank goodness a guy friend told me I could get it fixed for about $100. He sent me a few links for places in the “hood” so I called a few and found a winner. In & Out Auto Glass fixed my window in 45 minutes for $114!!! They were super friendly, the place is spotless, and they have comfy sofas, a tv, and computers in their waiting room. Talk about a diamond in the rough!