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There was a lot of bruhaha about snow falling in SF today. That didn’t happen, but check out the stunning sky we had today. Just breathtaking!


Hang on to your gas cap! Gas prices are going up by the day. If you live in SF we’re now paying anywhere from $3.59 to $3.89 a gallon. Ugh. It’s times like this I am very thankful I can walk to work. I’m also glad that I visit Napa & San Jose on a regular basis where gas can be up to $.30 cheaper!! I always make sure to fill-up outside of the city.

If you do need to fill up you can use this mapquest map to locate the cheapest gas in your town.

Please, Middle East, settle your issues so oil companies don’t have an excuse to make our oil prices exorbitant! Group hug?

Happy National Margarita Day, everyone!

Check out this article on recommendations for the best margarita in SF!

I’m sorry for another musical post. So unlike me! I just LOVE these guys! (And the accordian reminds me of my Godfather)…

Mumford & Sons:


Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Spread some love today. xoxo!

I hope you’re all lucky enough to have friends like mine. 20+ years and we still like each other…actually, love.

I met 2 of them at Bottega in Yountville today for lunch and had belly-laughing fun! It was so nice to have these ladies (both mom’s) set aside time to enjoy a little “girl” time. We literally enjoyed a leisurely 4-hour lunch, on the patio, at an amazing restaurant, that just happens to be in our backyard. (Lucky us)! We laughed so hard, enjoyed great food, and the weather!

For the record, here’s what we shared followed by my review in italics:
Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad Marcona almonds, sieved egg, pecorino & whole citrus vinaigrette (close to being great, but a little too much citrus. I’d skip it next time.)
Monterey calamari, crisped with Arborio rice flour, aioli nero (amazing!)
Polenta Under Glass, caramelized wild mushrooms, balsamic game sauce (to. die. for. And thanks to our waiter for giving instructions on how to enjoy it. Definitely ask…easily ruined if you over do the balsamic. Next time, I wouldn’t share this one.)

And we already have next months lunch date (& different restaurant) on the calendar…Friends are the best!

Polenta Under Glass

I woke up to the sound of a car alarm at about 1am this morning. I peeked out my window and was relieved that it was the car parked behind mine and not my car that was waking the neighborhood. I put my head down, the alarm shut off, and back into slumberland I went. Woke up cheery as could be, enjoyed my coffee, was running EARLY which never happens, and headed out with a spring in my step. Hopped in my car…and immediately sensed something was wrong. I turned to see the back passenger “wing” window had been broken and the door was not closed all the way. GRRRRR. Nothing was missing (since I don’t keep anything in my car) which actually makes the whole thing extra annoying because it means someone did it just to be a jerk…or they were scared mid-crime…

My busted window. So sad.

So, I call AAA who referred me to Safelite Glass and was quoted $250!

I nearly keeled over because my deductible is $500 so I’d be paying for the new window out-of-pocket. Thank goodness a guy friend told me I could get it fixed for about $100. He sent me a few links for places in the “hood” so I called a few and found a winner. In & Out Auto Glass fixed my window in 45 minutes for $114!!! They were super friendly, the place is spotless, and they have comfy sofas, a tv, and computers in their waiting room. Talk about a diamond in the rough!

Check out Google’s tribute to Jules Verne, author of such books as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and Around the World in 80 Days, who would be 183 today. I don’t think I’ve of read any of his books, but the logo sure is neat. You can “drive” using the joystick on the right. Better check it out in a hurry because it will be gone tomorrow.

I’m going to walk a little more often…

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