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Thank you for the post about Toast! I’m a poet and didn’t even…

Anyhow, the new Toast is only 2 blocks away from me which is VERY exciting! (There are currently 2 locations in Noe Valley). I’ve never been, but after taking a look at the menu I’m quite excited to give this place a try. Plus, it has a kids menu so maybe one day I can borrow my almost 3 year-old niece and take her out to lunch. I need to wander 200 feet south and check out the status of this place!

LOVE IT when newness moves into the hood! Especially if it’s not a dog related business…un-woof.


…sailor’s delight. Red sky in morning, sailor’s take warning.”

Another amazing sky tonight! I took these while waiting for the bus.

The fog was as thick as pea soup today. The foghorn was blaring all day which I think is so cool. I love the sound of the foghorn! The fog finally cleared around 4:00 this afternoon…leaving us with a view of Alcatraz wrapped in fog and a clear view of the moon over Aquatic Park.


Aquatic Park

Aquatic Park

I heard this song on my way from Napa to SF today and loved it! Took me a while to find it since all I could remember was “lion”. FOUND it and it’s on YouTube! More info on Mumford and Sons is here.

(You’ll see a message saying “Watch on YouTube”. Hopefully if you click on it you’ll be connected to the YouTube video).
WARNING: Cover your sensitive ears as this is not the “clean” version they play on the radio. Sorry about that.

Exciting! There was a shooting at a cafe on Polk Street today. Don’t panic, it was 8 blocks away from me in da “hood”. Although violent crime is a bummer, the peeps in the hood have been knocking themselves off at a rate of about 1 per week since the new year. I quite prefer this method of street “cleaning”…so nice to have the riff- raff permanently removed. Just as long as they don’t get any closer to my neighborhood…

P.S. Isn’t this the creepiest picture ever? ACK!

Happy Birthday Sherlock Holmes!

If you missed the first run of the Masterpiece Mystery “SHERLOCK” keep your eyes peeled for it to run again. (No air dates have been posted yet). There are 3 episodes in Series I and it is so witty and smart…I just loved it!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m sorry I took this picture of you…

A black man with no teeth asking me for money. A white man with no teeth asking that I buy him a burrito. Another black man asking if he can sing me his “new” song.

Where am I? Seriously. And what is the deal with all this riff-raff???

Hint for SFers:

P.S. Happy 1/1/11!!!!!!!

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