I stopped in at Cheese Plus on Polk, my most favorite cheese store, to pick up a little cheese for this evening. I mentioned to the guy behind the counter that the last time I was in I’d bought a small piece of an OUT OF THIS WORLD triple creme with truffles. He told me they were out and I said “no problem”. Oh how my wallet wishes this story ended there. Mr. Helpful then said, “that’s actually one of our custom-made cheeses…I can make one up for you”. So nice, right?! I waited patiently for about 10 minutes and then he handed the goodness over. I tried to suppress my gasp when I saw the price tag… $21.59 for just over 1/2 lb. EEEEEEEKS. It is so decadent and lovely and since it’s New Year’s Eve I decided, just this once, to go for it.

Happy New Year and thank you for continuing to read my stories. I wish you health, happiness, and a little bit of decadence in 2011.

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