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I stopped in at Cheese Plus on Polk, my most favorite cheese store, to pick up a little cheese for this evening. I mentioned to the guy behind the counter that the last time I was in I’d bought a small piece of an OUT OF THIS WORLD triple creme with truffles. He told me they were out and I said “no problem”. Oh how my wallet wishes this story ended there. Mr. Helpful then said, “that’s actually one of our custom-made cheeses…I can make one up for you”. So nice, right?! I waited patiently for about 10 minutes and then he handed the goodness over. I tried to suppress my gasp when I saw the price tag… $21.59 for just over 1/2 lb. EEEEEEEKS. It is so decadent and lovely and since it’s New Year’s Eve I decided, just this once, to go for it.

Happy New Year and thank you for continuing to read my stories. I wish you health, happiness, and a little bit of decadence in 2011.

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In an effort to start the Year of the Rabbit off right I’m going to follow the below food guidelines on New Year’s Eve.

Lucky foods:
12 grapes (one for each strike of the clock)
Cooked greens (because the greens look like folded money)
Legumes (also symbolic of money)
Pork (pigs symbolize progress)
Fish (not exactly sure what this is bringing to the table)
Cakes! (bring good luck)

Foods to avoid:
Lobster (they move backwards and could lead to setbacks)
Chicken (they scratch backwards which could cause regret or dwelling on the past)
All winged fowl (because good luck could fly away)

I’d like to thank epicurious for sharing this great article. I think I’m one step ahead of things already!

And just to be on the safe side, I’ll avoid dining on rabbit tomorrow…

There are few things less attractive or more embarrassing than slipping on a sidewalk during commute traffic, yet that’s exactly what I did on my walk home tonight. I debated taking the bus, but I was so excited that it was raining that I decided to brave the storm. There I was walking up Van Ness with a spring in my step, enjoying the rain, carrying my new bath rug in a big brown box, hanging on tightly to my umbrella when all of the sudden….WHOOOOP. Down I go. Box flies, umbrella flies, knees hit pavement. I was feeling so confident in my new shoes and never expected they’d let me down so abruptly! Harumph. Well, at least at my advanced age I didn’t break anything!

Even though I love them dearly, my shoes are currently in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

I called my Dad last week to ask…”How do you make that yummy, crispy chicken”? Turns out #5 had called Dad the night before for the same thing, so I thought it was my duty to share this awesome recipe.

What you’ll need:
Chicken thighs with skin is the best (I suppose other chicken parts would work too) – be sure to rinse the chicken so you don’t get the fungus (aka salmonella)
1 egg
Splash of milk
Crunched corn flakes (Ritz crackers or toasted breadcrumbs also work)

How to:
Mix the 1 egg with a splash of milk (sprinkle in a little oregano or rosemary for added flavor), dip the chicken in the milk/egg mixture, coat the chicken with corn flakes (or breading of your choosing).

Place on greased cookie sheet and bake @ 350 degrees for about 35 minutes. Flip them over after about 20 minutes. They’re done when browned on the outside and not red on the inside.

Easy & delicious!!!

Slideshow – cuz I’m a dork.

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What is up with the crazies?

Today on the bus ride home (5:30pm-ish) a homey asked to borrow my phone. I said no. He then asked me to call his Dad because both of his phones (which he showed me) had died. I said no. I mean really, if both of your phones died a) you’re a moron, and b) you and your scam should crawl back under your hooded sweatshirt and stop talking.

A little later in the evening I ran to my neighborhood piggly wiggly to pick up a few things. Oh joy…there is a crazy lady (coon hat and all) asking everyone in the store “where are the canned white beans, where are the canned white beans”? (Btw, they’re in aisle 7). And then this handsome fellow, with a bottle of vodka under his coat, decided to block the front door. An employee eventually came and shooed him away and locked the door…

Ok, I really need to get that pepper spray/taser now…

You can call me Scrooge, but the decent of hundreds of Santa’s throughout my neighborhood yesterday was nothing short of annoying. Santacon 1st started in 1994 and is a national, annual event. I think the idea is fun, but the reality is starting as early as 10am there are drunk people hooting and hollering up and down the street. Not so fun for the girl with a street-level apartment and SINGLE pane windows. (Note to self: next apartment will not be street-level and will have double-paned windows). The upside is…it’s very quiet out there this morning. Thank goodness for hundreds of hungover Santa’s still in bed!

If you’re up for joining Santacon in your city, check the schedule!

My aunt Snook is the hostess with the mostess! She always sets a beautiful table (which I’m furious I didn’t take a picture of) and serves up a delicious meal. I was a little under the weather last weekend and what is the main course? The most delectable fish stew (with shrimp, calamari, and red snapper)…or maybe it was called fish soup? My ears were stuffy. Regardless, it was the perfect antidote to the sniffles.

(Thanks to #5 for snapping this pic for me when no one was looking).

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