No, I am not on fire, but after having a few meals in Memphis last week that was the only way I was going to get anywhere…by rolling myself out of the restaurant. I was in Memphis for less than 48 hours (quick work trip), but I did manage to get a taste of things…

My first official meal in Memphis (not counting the omelet & grits at the hotel) was at a pub next door to the Williams-Sonoma Outlet where I was spending the day. First, our server was the friendliest girl in the world. And she was so cheerful that we hardly noticed that she accidentally spilled a glass of tea on my co-worker. She even came back with club soda just to make sure nothing stained. A delight! And it was this same delightful person who served me a heart attack on a plate without a second thought.

One fried pork chop, one grilled pork chop (that was me being healthy), mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli soaked in butter, and a FRIED roll also soaked in butter. Not pictured: fried pickles & fried okra. For the record, fried pickles are the bomb!!!

So after surviving that meal and another 4 or 5 hours unpacking boxes, etc…we headed off to dinner at The Germantown Commissary. This was recommended to us by the locals and apparently is quite well-known. And it was life-changing.

We started off with Pig Sticks (fried sweet potato fries), 6 tamales soaked in chili & cheese, and BBQ nachos. I would like to declare here and now that their BBQ nachos are the best thing on the planet. My main course was a 1/2 order of BBQ ribs served with slaw, beans, deviled egg, and bread. The ribs were awesome and I tried the roll, but after having a fried roll at lunch this one was a little bland. I’m sure you understand. Anyhow, back to the BBQ nachos…I can’t stop thinking about them. I wonder if they miss me? I sure miss them…

After all of that I had to regroup in the morning with a breakfast sundae (fruit, granola, and yogurt). BOO.

Breakfast Sundae