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I was lucky enough to babysit mp (Mini-Pookie) while her parents took a quick trip to Monterey a couple of weekends ago. Me and mp had so much fun…we did ring-around-the-rosey about 400 times, danced (A LOT), decorated cupcakes, and did educational exercises (ie. puzzles). From the looks of Pookie’s text message the other night, I’m a really good teacher. MP (aka “C”) soaked up my lessons like a little sponge. Mwahaha…


I have so many things to be thankful for…I had the best Mom in the world. Even though she is not with me physically today, I feel her presence and carry her with me always. I am also blessed with an amazing Dad, the MOST wonderful family, great friends, my health, a job I enjoy, having visited the Ranch over the summer, a “weekend” home in Napa (wink, wink), and…

A brand new Kitchen Aid Mixer! Ok, maybe the Kitchen Aid Mixer shouldn’t be on my “things I’m most thankful for” list, but it is wonderful. (And I got it for a steal so I’m sure Mom would understand it being on my list). It helped me create pumpkin cupcakes with maple frosting (sprinkled with Heath bars). As a non-pie lover I had to be sure I had something for dessert today…because I’m sure I’ll have plenty of room for a cupcake after the BIG meal.

I hope you all have a long list of things to be thankful for, as well. Big and small!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is with great relief that am I able to do a blog post tonight. I was nearly chopped into tiny, little pieces a mere 20 steps from my apartment this morning. (That might be a slight exaggeration). As I turned the corner from Washington onto Polk and walked about 5 steps I suddenly felt someone a little too close. (Too close in that he was on my back)! I turned and came face to face with a creepy man wearing a hooded sweatshirt. He stared at me, blew smoke right in my face, and walked on…turning once to look back at me. CREEPY!!

I will be purchasing pepper spray immediately and possibly a taser. I’m hesitant to buy a taser only because I might want to use it on every homeless person that annoys me…

I was able to do a sketch of the Smoking Bandit online…he had beady little eyes which I couldn’t quite capture, but you get the gist…

This was just sent to me by #1. LOVE it! What a great way to start off the holiday season!

“The Opera Company of Philadelphia was instrumental in bringing it together to perform one of the Knight Foundation’s “1000 Random Acts of Culture” which they’ll be doing over the next three years across the country. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ – the world’s largest pipe organ – the singers burst into song at exactly noon.”

Click here to check out Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus: Hallelujah Chorus at Macy’s

I’m going to share something with you, my fans. I, polkstreetandmore, am not a black woman. Which makes it puzzling as to why I found an Essence magazine in my mailbox today. I thought it was meant for the lady of color in the apartment above me, but no…it was addressed to me. For those of you not familiar, Essence is a monthly magazine for African-American women between the ages of 18 and 49.”

Due to my newly discovered ethnicity I’ve been familiarizing myself with hip hop phrases from the “Bay Area Hip Hop Dictionary“.

A few of my new phrases…

850 – 850 Bryant, San Francisco is the address for the San Francisco County Jail. It stands ominously in SOMA, and can be seen from the freeway to the Bay Bridge. Many San Francisco rappers refer to this building as 850.
(Editor’s note: I’ve been here for jury duty and is scary blueberry!)
Bluebird – Refering to something that is hassling or bothering you. It could refer to anything from the police to a nagging girlfriend.
(Editor’s note: I thought this was so cute I had to share it)
Four fittaleeny – 415 San Francisco county.
(Editor’s note: That’s me, I’m a four-fittaleeny)
Folkies, Folkers – Friends, homies.
(Editor’s note: This is a toughie. I’m so used to sayin’ homies and bloods, but I will truly try to use Folkies more regularly)

Teehee…I feel hip hop already!!

No, I am not on fire, but after having a few meals in Memphis last week that was the only way I was going to get anywhere…by rolling myself out of the restaurant. I was in Memphis for less than 48 hours (quick work trip), but I did manage to get a taste of things…

My first official meal in Memphis (not counting the omelet & grits at the hotel) was at a pub next door to the Williams-Sonoma Outlet where I was spending the day. First, our server was the friendliest girl in the world. And she was so cheerful that we hardly noticed that she accidentally spilled a glass of tea on my co-worker. She even came back with club soda just to make sure nothing stained. A delight! And it was this same delightful person who served me a heart attack on a plate without a second thought.

One fried pork chop, one grilled pork chop (that was me being healthy), mashed potatoes with gravy, broccoli soaked in butter, and a FRIED roll also soaked in butter. Not pictured: fried pickles & fried okra. For the record, fried pickles are the bomb!!!

So after surviving that meal and another 4 or 5 hours unpacking boxes, etc…we headed off to dinner at The Germantown Commissary. This was recommended to us by the locals and apparently is quite well-known. And it was life-changing.

We started off with Pig Sticks (fried sweet potato fries), 6 tamales soaked in chili & cheese, and BBQ nachos. I would like to declare here and now that their BBQ nachos are the best thing on the planet. My main course was a 1/2 order of BBQ ribs served with slaw, beans, deviled egg, and bread. The ribs were awesome and I tried the roll, but after having a fried roll at lunch this one was a little bland. I’m sure you understand. Anyhow, back to the BBQ nachos…I can’t stop thinking about them. I wonder if they miss me? I sure miss them…

After all of that I had to regroup in the morning with a breakfast sundae (fruit, granola, and yogurt). BOO.

Breakfast Sundae

I cannot believe someone walked in front of me while I was secretly snapping a picture of Father Time! Grrr…I will work on getting a better photo over the weekend. I assume he’s showing his face to acknowledge that Daylight Savings Time ends Sunday at 2am.  It looks like he rang in our return to Standard time a little early…

Anyhow, be sure to “fall back” and set your clocks back 1 hour before you go to bed on Saturday. This means we get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday. Hooray! It also means it will be lighter earlier (yay!), but darker earlier too (boo!). For instance, tomorrow’s sunrise is at 7:40am and Sunset is at 6:06pm. Sunday’s sunrise is at 6:42am and Sunset is at 5:05pm. At least this is what my sources tell me…I will confirm how things really went down on Monday.

Oh, if you use your iphone’s recurring alarm to wake you up during the week you better read this so you don’t oversleep come Monday!

Happy Fall y’all!

While the SF Giants were on their way to clinching the World Series I was in Memphis for work. I can’t believe I missed all the mayhem that ensued on Monday after the Giants won the game! Although, truth be told…the mayhem would have kept me up all night and I would not have been up for that. Especially since all the Halloween party-goers kept me up all night on Saturday night.

There is a really neat energy in the air. We were even allowed to wear Giants gear or orange & black at work today. (It would have been really cool if I actually owned Giants gear or something orange). Everyone is talking about the Giants…not to mention every other post on Facebook is in reference to their amazing feat! It’s pretty cool to see everyone come together, share memories, and connect over this awesome team of misfits!

Congratulations, Giants!!

(no, I did not take this picture)

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