Congratulations to me for making it to the gym yesterday! I’ve been SUPER lazy and finally felt that twinkle in my soul to start exercising again. And while I was working out, I thought, “Self, you should take a picture to show your fans”.  So here it is, Crunch Fitness…formerly, the Alhambra Theatre.

As “Crunch” they show a different movie everyday which can either lengthen or shorten a workout. I hate the days when some artsy twit decides to show a documentary. Monday Night Football and any other sporting event also falls flat in my book. I’ve been known to walk in, check out the movie screen, and turn right around and walk out if it isn’t inspiring (ie. a documentary on Giraffes is not inspiring). On the other hand, I’ll stick to the treadmill for 2 hours just to watch a movie I like!

I think it’s awesome that they’ve kept most of the interior as it was when it first opened as a theatre in 1926! The chandeliers, the balcony seating (unused these days), and just the detail…it’s gorgeous!

My dream…Someday I will win the lottery and be able to turn this back into the magnificent theatre it once was. I will show great movies…ie. Gone With the Wind, Three Days of the Condor…and, of course, Speed!