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THE Giants are playing in the 1st game of the World Series right now (leading 8-4), but what’s really noteworthy is that there’s a temporary hot dog stand in front of Shanghai Kelly’s (three easy blocks from my apartment). My, oh, my, how I love a hot dog from a hot dog stand! This guy is a genius and will surely rake it in (assuming he isn’t robbed or assaulted at gun point). Anyhow,  I’ll definitely take advantage of this while it lasts…

Oh, and…GO GIANTS!


The #19 is like a box of chocolates…you never know what you’re going to get. Yesterday I had the pleasure of riding with this lovely lady. And I use the term “lady” very, very loosely. We’ve been on the bus together before and she usually talks quite loudly to herself. So, either she hasn’t had enough of the drink or she’s had too much…hard to tell…

Oh dear. There is a thief among us. Apparently a “clean-cut” black man is robbing people in my neighborhood, the Marina and the Financial District. Coffee shops seem to be his primary go-to place to snatch wallets. Well, I guess I won’t sit in the coffee shop this morning with my purse slung over my chair, wide open, so someone can rifle through it and grab my wallet…

I will, however, keep my eyes peeled for the “pigeon-toed” thief. He’ll be pretty easy to spot in my hood since there are no clean-cut black men to speak of…or white men. Thank goodness we’re not looking for a scruffy looking homeless drug addict! We’d never find him!

It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day!!!! I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think this is a day I can support. Hooray!

In my head I call them “Three Blind Mice” even though they aren’t blind (just slow). Lately I’ve found myself trapped behind this gleesome threesome. They meander from side to side monopolizing the entire sidewalk so passing them is nearly impossible! After following them for half a block (and what felt like an eternity) I finally made a move worthy of an Olympic Gold Medal and shimmied between the mouse in the middle and the mouse on the right and did NOT knock any of the mice over…hooray!

Congratulations to me for making it to the gym yesterday! I’ve been SUPER lazy and finally felt that twinkle in my soul to start exercising again. And while I was working out, I thought, “Self, you should take a picture to show your fans”.  So here it is, Crunch Fitness…formerly, the Alhambra Theatre.

As “Crunch” they show a different movie everyday which can either lengthen or shorten a workout. I hate the days when some artsy twit decides to show a documentary. Monday Night Football and any other sporting event also falls flat in my book. I’ve been known to walk in, check out the movie screen, and turn right around and walk out if it isn’t inspiring (ie. a documentary on Giraffes is not inspiring). On the other hand, I’ll stick to the treadmill for 2 hours just to watch a movie I like!

I think it’s awesome that they’ve kept most of the interior as it was when it first opened as a theatre in 1926! The chandeliers, the balcony seating (unused these days), and just the detail…it’s gorgeous!

My dream…Someday I will win the lottery and be able to turn this back into the magnificent theatre it once was. I will show great movies…ie. Gone With the Wind, Three Days of the Condor…and, of course, Speed!

I don’t know what made the driver of this semi think he could make the turn from Larkin onto Washington St. The maneuver blocked the intersection leaving me (most importantly) at a standstill and not happy. After moving back & forth a few times he gave up, reversed it one final time, and drove off.


This was a post from one of my friends on Facebook and it just touched me. I thought I’d share it…a little splash of Friday kindness. (Not something you usually get here, huh)?!

“The greatest person I know just bought dinner for a 17-year-old pregnant girl who had been panhandling on Colfax for 3 days trying to get a bus ticket home to the East coast. Then she drove her to the bus station and paid for the rest of the ticket so she wouldn’t have to panhandle for 3 more days. Kindness and compassion — spread it around.”

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