I’m engaged!

Well, technically speaking that might not be 100% true. There are a few details I’m still working out…like how to drop myself into one of the three pools on this $300 million, 390 foot yacht so the owner, gazillionaire Russian Andrey Melnichenko, can properly propose. Sure, his name doesn’t roll off the tongue, but that’s ok…I’ll just call him Husband. Or Bank. And then there’s the teensy weensy detail of his current model wife…here’s hoping the bloom is off that rose!

How did I find my betrothed-to-be? It just so happens that his yacht is “parked” in Sausalito and I spied it while having lunch. Yes, I spotted it with my less than 20/20 eyeballs from Aquatic Park which is across the bay from Sausalito. The boat is VERY large.

Anyhow, I would love to write more, but I’m pulling on my flippers and grabbing my snorkel for our 1st impromptu date! I hope he’ll be impressed by my Russian…”Я потерялся. Где находится туалет?”…Translated it means “I am lost, where’s the restroom?”. Don’t worry, in the event that I run into the wife first I have another phrase ready: “Pri’vet, meenya zavut John.”…”Hello, my name is John”.