In preparation for summer road trip numero duo I took my car in for its 60k mile check-up. Someone had no idea that a 60k mile check-up would cost an arm & a leg, but I checked with a couple of guys I know and apparently $400 is reasonable. Who knew? And who would think that 8 hours later $400 would have been a dream as opposed to the $561.21 I just dropped to replace a “valve cover gasket” (a what?) and drive belts (they must be Gucci). All in all I’ll consider it a win since a) I’m almost certain my car is driving better, b) It’s the first tune-up my car has had since 2006, and c) They washed it! HOORAY!


Not only did I venture  south of market to get my car fixed, but I also took muni (#47) from the car place to work (30 minute ride!) and back again to pick up my car. I’m like a muni master! $4 round-trip in what would have cost at least $30 in cab fare. The morning ride was less disgusting than the afternoon ride, that’s for sure. It’s common knowledge that the icky people don’t wake up before 9.